2021 albums

Hi everyone, sorry I’m so late to the party here: been following a while, but only became a member yesterday… Here’s a playlist from my end of year recap:

  • Paulo César Pinheiro: Capoeira de Besouro (2010)
  • João Donato: Quem É Quem (1973)
  • Cristina Buarque e Samba de Fato: O Samba Informal de Mauro Duarte - Volume 1 (2008)
  • Joyce: Revendo Amigos (1994)
  • Pedro Martins: VOX (2019)

I can’t link more than twice as a new account so here’s a one-click link:

Wishing all of you a happy 2022. I will try to incorporate some artists from Resonate in my little newsletter where I tend to share music.


Rosano! Delighted to see you. I use your wonderful apps Emoji Log and Hyperdraft everyday. They’ve brought me a lot of joy and creativity.

Happy new year. Welcome to the co-op! :sparkles:


welcome :slight_smile:
and yes, cool apps!


I appreciate your kind words, thank you. Happy to be here (and on Discourse too :fire:).

Thank you Mr. Boop :v:t4:

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