A supporter's plea

Popping up on here from time to time to check how the situation evolves and I’m sad to see the state Resonate has fallen into in the last few months. Here’s an external POV (I’ve only helped a couple of months on uploading duties).

This is the only place on the web right now that I’m aware of that truly has its heart in the right place in regards to distribution of music, but I see it seemingly crumbling under the weight of its own organization scheme, its scale and ambition.

Maybe hoping that things will repair themselves without some critical changes to its fundamental inner workings will never turn up anything but more inaction and disengagement. I see calls to action without any echo. Some truly wonderful, dedicated people came and went because of this (from my pov, again). Wishing for volunteers to appear and carry the torch doesn’t seem to be a realistic strategy to carry Resonate into the future healthy and kicking.

Maybe it’s time to consider scaling down the organization and think about how this could be run and operated with a skeleton crew in order to get back in a positive, ethusiastic position and get back to slowly building back a community of active artists and contributors to the platform, from the ground up.

Maybe this has all already been discussed. I’m only hoping for the best for this wonderful, slightly broken dream :slight_smile:


I’ve only known about Resonate for a few months but I totally feel you. Really hoping that the dream doesnt break entirely! Resonate has a huge potential and I really hope it succeeds