Album Credits-IE who worked ON the record

Ok I wanted to drop this here. Not credits to buy, but traditional album liner notes. This is key, and Distro Kid has integration for this, so if Resonate does partner with them it would likely line up? (The site would have to allow for its visibility though, which is the point I wanted to raise. It would definitely be high on my wish list, as both recording engineer/producer and an artist. This helps keep a healthy music ecosystem when the technicians that help artists create are able to be credited. I’ll spare everyone my soap box about it, but I just learned about how well TIDAL are doing this, and this chap here in the video explains how beautifully laid out it is in Tidal, and how to do it from your Distrokid upload page.

TIDAL/Distrokid- Album Credits


I agree a million times. This is a critical feature, it’s not a detail. (Not sure how we could partner with Distrokid though since to me one of the greatest features of Resonate is to not necessitate an agregator, also I don’t like Distrokids, but if we could make it as easy for people to upload to Resonate as just clicking “add Resonate” to their Distrokid account, it would be very nice)


Watched the video and very impressed by how they present the information and how it creates portfolio pages for those who contribute to the record in their various capacities.

This is something we should be envisioning when thinking about how we receive and organize metadata @melis_tailored


Wow, the TIDAL setup looks amazing. This is so important for credits and collaborations! The way they set it up really highlights how much of a group effort music-making can be. I can see the engineers, writers, producers, who may otherwise have to manually list the releases they’ve supported on their portfolio somewhere, instead now having one place they can point people to (in this case TIDAL) but maybe Resonate too…

The same way there’s often a team behind a release, so many artists do collaborations and it kind of sucks when the releases only appear under the artist who hosts the release. Essentially, unless you are the artist who hosts the collabs, those releases do not exist in your catalogue. This is one thing I feel is really basic that is missing on Bandcamp. I noticed on Resonate, if you search for an artist, only the releases that they host seem to appear.

It would be great to see something even at a more basic level to start for both credits and collabs.


@auggod - Would it be possible to work around this limitation by having a developer add the release to the other artist’s catalog in the same way they add releases to a label?

This would be a mess and not desirable in my opinion, really, spoken as an artist who has worked on several things in past either as a guest musician or just older group projects, I would hate it if this was implemented on a streaming platform. There’s no “hack” around it I think, it’s either the full feature or nothing.

True, while there maybe misgivings about Distrokid, the simplicity of it is that when I upload my music there to go to multiple streaming platforms, this is when I enter that info that would show up in Tidal. So I guess what I was trying to clarify here is that in future, if we did partner with Distrokid, so that I could upload my music to there, and have it arrive on Resonate, that I could, as I always do add the album credits and liner notes, and it would then be up to Resonate to have the implementation to show that information on the Resonate site, if that makes sense? Presently with Distrokid I have two catalogues of work, that when I upload a release I put all the details into and it is pushed to whichever platforms I like. I am quite happy for Resonate to retain its autonimity, but given the fact that are a lot of growing pains with things like, multiple artist profiles linked to one, for one example, this could be a route to take in the interim until Resonate has grown enough to handle batch of uploads etc. Making it so that I could now, for example go to there, and up load all of Explosives For Her Majesty’s catalogue to get it over to Resonate would be great. The credits have already been stored and implemented on Distrokid, so as soon as Resonate has the infrastructure to show these album credits, like Tidal, it would show up here on Resonate. Just a thought. Because I know a features like this do take time to implement. I think delegation at the early stages of things is an important recognition to helping ensure forward growth and improvement.