Album Page

As a user, I want to consult an album page that contains:

  • Artwork
  • Album name
  • Artist name
  • Tracklist
  • Label name | if exists: on click => to Label Profile page
  • Release year
  • total runtime of the album
  • Artwork credits | if exists: if user public profile - on click => to User Profile page
  • Other credits


My apologies if this is not the correct use of this thread (first time posting on the forum, not sure what the conventions are).

As a user, I think it would be nice to include the total runtime of the album in the album view (this could maybe also be the case for playlists?), either in minutes:seconds or just rounded to the nearest minute.

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Great idea – I’ll add this to the description :100:

If possible, could “Release year” become “Release Date” (Month, Day, and Year)?

I kinda like Spotify’s format in this case:

From a standpoint of pure personal preference, exact date seems a little excessive, at least to be used everywhere the release date is mentioned. The picture you attached indicates that Spotify’s UI lists only the year nearer to the heading of the album, with more details at the bottom. That seems sensible to me, if we’re including exact date. Just, having only the year in the most accessible/front&center locations seems a lot cleaner to me.

Edit: Maybe there could be UI settings to deal with preferences like this? Don’t know how much overhead there would be in implementing that, but sensible defaults with customization options seems ideal for stuff like this.

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That makes sense. I personally enjoy seeing the date, or at least the month, to get a better reference of when the song came out and potentially some of the things happening at that time as well as how long it’s been since I haven’t listened to it upon it’s release, but I agree that I wouldn’t want to clutter up certain areas of the player with extra text, so all seems fair to me! Thanks for your additional thoughts @PiroFloydian!

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@Hakanto @boopboop @datafruits Have you seen ? They recently DMd through twitter. Very rich artwork experience.



Thanks @richjensen! Yeah we are aiming to be the database for full album art. Our own player UI features interactive tracklist art (tapping tracks in artwork plays songs), check it out here.

I think the Resonate player is super clean and the large cover art is great. Agree that year of release is the main thing, maybe exact date comes up on a rollover or tap the year perhaps? Pro user style.


Hey @tom_vek! I missed that you’ve been around the forum a while. Sweet. Welcome!


Was just thinking about the extensive credits on album sleeves.

See e.g., Sleevenote player

It’d be good to be able to handle scenarios like:

  • Oboe on track 4 by human being
  • Tracks 1, 2, and 6 guitar by another human
  • Mastered by Guy at the Exchange
  • All tracks except 3 & 4 written by Lorem Ipsum

All of this could be included, by artists, when uploading, in the album description, but I feel this would be a bit cluttered.

Also, especially if more established artists/labels come on board, even still at the indie level, both recording and publishing copyrights etc. (which aren’t always the same on each track).

Currently, it looks like additional performers or producer credits would be at the album level. I’m not saying this should all be at the front but, ideally, there would be something like a popup to access additional details.

Bandcamp has two text fields, when adding an album, for ‘about this album’ and ‘album credits’. Seems a fairly low overhead way of being able to add such details if wished. e.g., my description and credits on Dissolution Matrix in Afterthought of Skies | Murray Royston-Ward | The House Organ - Where we differ is needing a more visually streamlined streaming interface, hence a pop-up or something?

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e.g., and I’ve not used proper styling or thought it through fully but you get the idea:

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Just finished listening to this beauty (Ben Bennett – Spoilage (2012, Vinyl) - Discogs)

Weird lists of instruments is pretty essential to me.

And I totally dig catalogue numbers.

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@tom_vek what would it take to integrate with sleevenote?

@tom_vek also, I’m looking at the FAQs Sleevenote – Creator FAQs

Releases need to be available on Apple Music (in full or pre-release form).

Any plans to make uploading artwork to sleevenote available for music not on apple music?

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Hey! Yes, we use Apple Music’s API in order to bring back album metadata - so that in our design tool you can search for a release to add artwork for (video here). We’re keen to support more platforms but have limited development bandwidth at the moment (we’re a two-person operation and very much bootstrapped and juggling other work, so to answer your question @boopboop some form of investment or other way of being supported building new features, which we’d love to be doing, would speed things up :slight_smile: ).

However we have been discussing hard coding some proof-of-concepts and I’m pretty sure we could get a Resonate release up and running to showcase the possibilities.

Obviously there’s nothing stopping Resonate devs supporting adding multiple panels of artwork in the Resonate player but we’d certainly love to be a partner supplying it and helping to support stuff like interactive tracklist art - we’re hoping to be able to taking the idea of embedded links further, so all credits etc can link out, and you can see which other awesome albums Guy has mastered :wink:

Assuming the Resonate API lets us authenticate a user, then plays on Sleevenote would clock up stream-to-own plays too which is pretty cool.

@thehouseorgan is there a Resonate release on your label with particularly awesome artwork you’d like to discuss getting up on Sleevenote? (my email is for any finer details).

Cheers all,