An upload a day keeps the burnout away

Howdy @workers . I need your help.

I’d like us to shift our perspective surrounding uploading artists’ music submissions.

I propose each of us upload one submission every day we work on Resonate. Every day you spend on Resonate stuff, start with an upload. Uploading a submission takes between 5-15 minutes.

With this as part of our culture, we’d be able to handle a huge amount of uploading with zero stress.

Once this is a habit for us, on many days there would simply be no submissions to upload! Real easy. And we’d be prepared far in advance for big jumps in submissions; quite possible around relaunch time in a few months.

It would be really encouraging to me to hear that others want to make this a habit for us. Solidarity.


If I could get on-boarded at some point with how to do this I’d like to help out!


Yes @Hakanto - happy to do this.


+1 to this


I am down for this. Every day seems easy to say and hard to do, but I want to start trying this week. (Tomorrow? Gulp.)

Thanks so much, y’all! Please create a new basic Resonate account – then let me know what the email address is and i’ll switch it to an Uploader account

@richjensen I plan on uploading once per day Mondays thru Fridays

Awesome. Today I’m rearranging some aspects of the uploading process to make it easier for folks to get involved. Also gonna make a video walkthrough. Where should I upload this video though? We used Vimeo for the AGM. @richjensen @Nick_M

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I’ve updated the Uploading Worker Guide to improve the process. I’ll be making a video walkthrough when I can, but if anyone wants to take a swing at uploading right away it would be amazing. The guide I wrote has all the info and I mean all the info you could need.

You’ll still need to get set up with an Uploader account and a gmail account first. Read the guide for more info.


Shoutout to @thehouseorgan who has uploaded about 15 releases over the past two weeks. Thanks to you, we are caught up again! :partying_face: Much appreciated, Murray!

@sganesh @melis_tailored @datafruits To everyone who is set up to upload, I encourage us to keep checking every day for new submissions. Let’s stay ahead of the game :clap:t4: :hammer_and_wrench:


We have a zip file of 4 releases that was just sent in via email. If you are down to upload them, let me know and I’ll send a link to the zip file. @thehouseorgan @nphilmasiakowski

Yeah, sure, happy to do it.


Another 6 releases sent in via email, ready for upload. Whoever’s down to take them on, let me know – and thank you!

I’ll be in ‘upload mode’ again next Monday so, if anyone else can get to it before then, go for it; otherwise, I’m happy to do it next week.

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@thehouseorgan I’m uploading some of these while doing testing and analysis on the Dashboard (Upload Tool). I’m tracking progress on Resonate Uploads - Google Tabellen so check there before uploading.

@Hakanto I think we’re on different timezones but if you can send the link I can start uploading.

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