Anyone know about Ampled?

Interesting new Co-op starting up:

and an article that pointed me there:

Sixth Rochdale Principle and all that… Maybe there’s a way to cooperate on the platforms?


@Austin from Ampled is a member and in the forum. He contributed great artist service questions at the AGM in Dec. I had the pleasure to hangout over beers pizza and start-up ideas (courtesy of Internet of Things crew) at the Ampled collab-work space in NY at the close of the Platform Coop Consortium gathering in November. Would love to build cooperative ways.

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@Nick_M has suggested reaching out to Ampled in respect of a Self-Sovereign Identity-related implementation grant he has been working on for submission to EU agencies at the end of the month. I agree this might be a good channel for sharing resources.

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Drafts should be at a state to share with members shortly.

Hey @richjensen! Hey everyone! 100% for finding ways of collaborating. Can someone send me a doc of how to refer labels or artists to resonate? Or maybe collaborations on content or cross-guest blogging?


@Austin at the moment, I think the best resource is and then .

We are testing @auggod’s new upload tool right now (and very understaffed user-service-wise!) but I’d be happy to hold anyone’s hand that wants to get involved with building the community. Of course, artist memberships are free. :wink:

Link to @Nick_M’s comments per EU identity grant. Privacy-Respecting Identity for Artists and Musicians

Woohoo – glad to see solidarity. I hope there’s an opportunity here to develop artist platforms that serve the collective needs of both coops (and future ones).

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What would help me - is tell me what I should say to an artist or label in an elevator about why they should join resonate and what action should they take.

I think we can collaborate now by guest writing blog posts for eachother’s blogs. I can write a blog on Resonate about why I am a member and why I believe it’s an important organization and something similar vis versa?


How’s this?

  • Resonate is an open source fair-trade music streaming cooperative where artists, active listeners, curators, and developers govern the community as voting members.

  • Membership is free and non-exclusive for artists and labels that share tracks.

  • Listeners pay to stream tracks at rates that double for each of the first nine plays. This way listeners start as explorers and become backers, on average paying artists better than twice the rate of corporate platforms.

  • An early beta version of the system is live and looking for builders, backers, artists and active listeners right now.

  • There’s no reason not to check it out.


Worth mentioning that the identity wallet service is not just an EU thing - it’s a global Web3.0 standards thing about moving away from the dominant aggregation of digital identity and data by the mega-platforms. We’d like to have an open, peer to peer identity service across our communities. The document here has more about it, and we are actively working with Creative Passport to align on what they are doing for Artist identity (they are putting in a LEDGER bid as well!)

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Already shared in the other thread and here - open to all - especially Ampled! - suggestions welcome! The more partners we have in the peer to peer cooperative ecosytem, the more relationship/exchange value for all!

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