App and Artist Uploads

I know these recommendations for Resonate have likely been said many times already, but Resonate really needs two things:

One, an app. In my experience using the player in a mobile web browser does not work well. I have to click on each song so can’t just let a full album stream. The music will stop after each song. It’s a big hassle. This is one major reason I don’t use Resonate very often anymore.

Two, Resonate needs to make the process to upload music much simpler and better. Let the artists do it, the current method is very tedious and clunky. Use platforms like Bandcamp as a model, there you can upload just about any audio, quickly and easily.

With these improvements, Resonate would be a much more user and artist friendly platform.


Hey @StarvingPoet!

100% fully agreed on both poinst.

A mobile app has been in the works for a while. There was a “hacked together one” here that @piper threw up, but people are slowly pitching in on a more native one.

Artist uploads are in progress. We’re currently going through a pretty big restructure that will make this easier. You can check the process of that here. Once the restructure is complete artist self-uploading is the number one priority in my view.