Are cookies required for Player functionality?

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Hey y’all. What are cookies used for on the player and what happens if you click no?

We give folks the option to click no, but if that makes the Player unusable, it’s not clear to users. Questions have been coming up in the inbox.

Pretty sure that clicking no prevents login (at least it always has for me). Hopefully we can eventually have an auth that doesn’t use cookies, but until then, it might be worth amending the language. If anyone has any suggestions for making this clearer with the cookie prompt (go to the player in an incognito tab so it shows you the prompts again to refresh your memory), and I’d be happy to amend that wording to make it explicit for folks until we have non-cookie auth. :slight_smile:

EDIT#1: This related issue exists as well (though its scope may be broader than that of this particular topic):

EDIT#2: To clarify, cookies are currently necessary to login. The player is completely usable without logging in to listen to up to 45 seconds of a song, though. Also, this was discussed on the mobile phone app thread, and we landed on this language for the cookie prompt over there (I believe multiple users’ feedback was incorporated into this):

"Resonate only uses cookies to guarantee core functionalities, such as keeping you logged in for a while, or remembering your theme settings. No other type of activity is tracked. Visit Cookie Policy - Resonate to learn more, or view Resonate’s open source code at"

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