🔍 Artist Dashboard Tour [on hiatus]

The Artist Dashboard Tour has been paused while we focus our attention on launching the next development epic.

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What do you want from the Artist Dashboard?

The co-op is building the new Artist Dashboard, an interface that artists and labels will be able to use to self-upload music, manage metadata, and check earnings and analytics. Every Thursday I’ll be hosting an open videocall for an hour where you can say hi, see how the current version of the Artist Dashboard works, ask questions, and share ideas for improvements.

The Artist Dashboard is currently in a private trial phase, being used by the Upload Crew to get new music onto the Player. If you’d like to join the Upload Crew, please introduce yourself on the Upload Crew Collaboration Guide or come by the tour call.

The basic version of the Artist Dashboard is working, however features are minimal, things are a bit buggy, and the UI/design needs refinement. Work remains to be done to build the Artist Dashboard into what it can be.

How can Resonate Artists and Labels help?

Workers at Resonate need to know what features you think are essential for a dashboard tool that handles uploading music, catalog management, and presenting earnings/analytics. Start a Topic here in the Forum sharing your ideas:

  • What are your essential features?
  • What’s on your dream wishlist?
  • What is the best Artist Dashboard you’ve used? Why?
  • What is the worst Artist Dashboard you’ve used? Why?

What we will build first

Ultimately, what we can build will depend on what developer and designer labor we have available and what resources we have. We will start by refining lists of essential features. The existing feature lists and related discussions can be found here, labeled with the tags #story or #design. New feature lists (“stories”) will be created as conversations continue.

A key goal is to get a basic, usable version of the Artist dashboard into artists’ hands so that they can upload their own music, rather than having to wait on the Upload Crew to do it for them. This will significantly reduce uploading labor time at the co-op and dramatically improve the uploading and onboarding experience for new and existing artists.

Building out label-specific features and creating a “Label Dashboard” will come later. However, being aware of those needs now will improve the relevance of what we are currently building.

I look forward to meeting you. Come by and say hi!


See y’all tomorrow! This meeting is open to all to stop by, see how the current design of the Artist Dashboard functions, and to share your ideas for how it can be improved. Til then!

hey hi!! would it be possible to get a recording (if all parties are consenting?) of the workshop? Can’t make the times weekly but would love to be able to learn!


Since there were no RSVPs yet, I’ve moved this event 2 hours earlier on Thursday to better fit my schedule for this week.

Next week, it will return to its regular time.

I’m a few mins late. Be there soon for anyone who wants to see the current Artist Dashboard.