Artist Location Function

I’m a very new member, just exploring the platform and searching for new music. Given that’s it’s almost all unknown to me, I think a useful function might be having artist location information, so that you can search via that and find artists in your area that you can go see live.

One of my main uses for Bandcamp is checking out the music of artists I see are playing, to see what shows/sets to go to, but I also sometimes do the inverse: search by location and look for artists in the place I’m staying, and then see if they’re playing live. Given that Resonate currently cannot yet offer the first function (in most cases anyway), perhaps it could lead with the second. A way for people to find artists that interest them in their local scene.

What do you think? Are there any large impediments to this (beyond some artists not being based in a single place–easily solved as artists choose to set [or not] their location)?


Welcome, @kejones!

Is this a good summary of what you’re hoping for:

“As a listener, I want to see which artists are touring or residing near my current location, so that I can use Resonate to find live shows and connect with local music.”

So far we have an ability to search the catalog by an artist’s country. Very bare bones and not in the actual UI yet. For more info on how to search by country see Using the resonate player - Docs - Resonate Community Forum

Related plans can be found here: Search | browse/landing pages - #7 by boopboop

I also appreciate searching by location on Bandcamp.

I didn’t know about the country search option (thanks @Hakanto ) but I’m more interested in regions/cities/towns for my search e.g. Sheffield, Lyon, Kentucky, Bavaria

It’d be great to think about adding a ‘location’ field on artist profiles beyond country. Also, it should be fairly free in terms of what someone can enter so you get stuff like: noiseville, losertown, rainy fascist island, etc.

I suppose there’s no reason this can’t all be achieved through tags but it ‘feels’ different to tags, to me anyway.