Beam and User Stories Checklist

Looking at this doc.

Curious what, if any, gaps exist between the expressions in this doc and the current functionality of Beam.

(Will reply to this with a copy-paste of the table to address)
From the proposed solution section:

Task status
Play content :white_check_mark:
Searching capabilities (kind of, it’s basic)
Playlist management :white_check_mark:
Membership profile information :white_check_mark:
Account balance :white_check_mark:
Payments management :white_check_mark:
Payment history (it’s in the data, not surfaced)
Player settings or local configuration (partial? I’m sure it could be more, I’m not sure how broad “local configuration” is)
Content management (I’d like to add blog posts or updates or something like that, I’m guessing that’s what this is? Doesn’t exist at the moment)
Catalogue management :white_check_mark:
Payments management (the data is there, there’s no way to actually do the pay outs or to give insight into that)
Profile management :white_check_mark:
Revenue and payments engine artists (is this different from “payments management”?)
Payment’s engine listeners (I’m confused by this term)
Payment’s engine labels (I’m confused by this term)
Accounting engine Resonate (I’m confused by this term)
Accounting engine Justifay (I’m confused by this term)
Storage of the artist’s content. (if this just means artists music, then :white_check_mark: )
Availability of the contents in the platform (artists can manage content, as can admin :white_check_mark: )
Give service to the interfaces that will consume the content. (not sure what this means)
Events tracking i.e., actions, clicks, feature usage. (nope)
Calculation of statistics, KPIs, data aggregations, and metrics related to the overall platform activity. (nope)
Report generation for artists (nope)
Report generation for Justifay (nope)
Report generation for Resonate (nope)
Report generation for Labels (nope)
Report generation for listeners (nope)
Read & Write access to the configuration of artists and listeners (partial)
Log of actions & processes of artists and listeners (nope)
Audit trail (reporting log) of actions for all users in the platform
Artists, Listeners, and Labels onboarding and configuration features.
Storage of different users ?
Creation, Removal, and maintenance of user’s attributes ?
Deployment stack :white_check_mark:
System environments :white_check_mark: but I think it should be somewhere else
Repositories :white_check_mark:
Software and testing toolkits :white_check_mark:
Knowledge base of the regulatory or legal obligations to comply by artists and the cooperatives.
Technical mechanisms to report the compliance of the regulatory and legal obligations of artists and the cooperatives
Vault of evidence and audit trail of the compliance activities of the legal and regulatory obligations. E.g., data submissions, communications, reporting submissions, etc.
Monitoring and alert tools.
Technical mechanisms to react on a service contingency.
Security systems that guarantee the integrity of the service and the daily operations.