Book Club

At the last @community meeting we discussed creating a casual book club.

@angus suggested the model in which members could nominate any book to “the list” (which would be a spreadsheet). At regular time intervals (every month? 2 month?), 3 books would be picked at random from the list, and the community would vote on which to read and discuss.

This would fulfill a need of having a space in which to discuss topics of interest to the group - either casual interest or of burning importance.

If a sub-group of members decides they want to have a book club of a particular theme, authors of a particular background etc. Perhaps we can do alternating months of themed vs general, and do a similar flow of submitting themes to a big list then voting on them.


@richjensen hopefully you will join us as a book recommender

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Here are some books I’d like to read in community:

  • teaching to transgress - bell hooks
  • seeing like a state - james c scott
  • elinor ostrom’s rules for radicals - derek wall
  • collective courage - jessica gordon nembhard
  • the dawn of everything - david graeber, david wengrow
  • the mushroom at the end of the world - anna tsing
  • the ministry of the future - kim stanley robinson
  • the black jacobins - cir james

maybe picking books could be a radical markets game?

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Seconding the dawn of everything - david graeber, david wengrow :clap:t4:

My #1 recommendation:

  • workplace democratization - paul bernstein

I’ve read this like 4 times but i’d read it again. It’s my top pick that I hope everyone else reads too! It’s absolutely stacked with practical and beautiful info for building – and analyzing – democratization :fist:t4:

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I’m currently reading Red Mars! Just hit the last chapter :sparkles: :sparkles: :sparkles:

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Just bought it! Sounds amazing.

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