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just suggesting some actions on :hover or :touch:

  • maybe a “+” to add the playlist to my listening queue.
  • as a listener, is there any functionality to “save” a playlist created by another user currently? for example, i am on @Hakanto’s “Potluck Utopia” playlist currently. I’m listening and enjoying it a a lot! Naturally, I want to make it more readily accessible for me to come back to later. I went looking for something in the UI to save the playlist to my profile but nothing exists. Think of this as a digital “desire path”. I discovered it. I enjoyed it. Now I want to collect it in a place I can easily access so I don’t need to re-discover it every time.
  • similarly, i think these “collected/saved” playlists could live on profile pages. like, when i go to Resonate, for example, it shows @Hakanto’s playlists, but I think there could be a reimagining of this to show “created playlists” and “saved playlists”. this helps with playlist discoverability in a very important way: top-level playlist searching and discovery mechanisms are great and all, but when i find someone on the platform whose music taste well, lol, really resonates with me, that is a major opportunity for connection and every effort should be made to help forge and solidify that.

New story? This would also apply to any trackgroup?