Bug - Links from development site take you to live site


Links from development site take you to live site


It easy to navigate out of the development site without really knowing it. Many of the links in the footer, header take you to ‘other websites’ within the co-op

Steps to reproduce

The “learn” menu items on the front page all go out to resonate.coop except for the FAQ link which is internal to the site

Expected Results vs Actual Results

Expected: I click a link in a drop down and I should still be in the same site

Actual: A new tab is opened up. I’m on a different site. I’m a bit confused. The back button doesn’t work.The Resonate Logo in the top left does not take me back to where I just came from.

Source URL



Ubuntu 20:04, firefox 96

@theargentgrub Thanks for catching this. Confirmed this is a bug. Will log the issue on github.

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Issue being tracked under https://github.com/resonatecoop/stream/issues/166

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