Catalog Picks - members wanted

Hi guys!

As you may have noticed we are rolling out with a weekly catalog picks series.

This is where members of our community dig through the catalog and select a theme for their favourite tracks.

Here are two of our latest -

We need some more people on board - if you would like to get involved drop a comment here so I can plan a calender.

Perhaps @RobertaFidora, @james, @joshuajameswalker, @Timothee, @jake would be keen?



Definitely—count me in! :slight_smile:


Me too! Maybe for the September or October one.


For all curator related conversations and organisation of the picks please join our telegram group here


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@jakes picks our now lice

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I’m definitely down! Will do some work onboarding asap.

I wouldn’t mind to do one too. Does it have to be followed on Telegram? I don’t use it.
Oh and I’m happy to discover an old track of me is in the August’s pick :slight_smile:

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