Cities -- events and more

Think its time to start local Resonate meetups pretty much everywhere there’s someone passionate and willing.

Let’s discuss!


I think it would be cool to use certain cities as ‘hotspots’ in the early days. For example, if the UK community were to meet up exclusively in cities like London, Manchester, Leeds or Edinburgh as it’s being set up, which would help create a constant. Just a thought!


Just a bunch but I think that may develop organically, based on who is here and has capacity/interest.

@cmrn.morse did you say you’re in Montreal and say you were thinking about local events? (Could be confusing you with someone else.)

Yes! I’m in the process of setting up an original music night at a local venue, currently booking new artists now. I’ve been involved in the mainstream electronic/rap scenes there for five years now and finally have a good view of what is missing and what can be improved. There’s an insane amount of talent in the city but not enough opportunity to do something original.

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Melbourne for me!
I’m in the process of starting a physical label in the next month or so with nights to support it so i’m having preliminary thoughts about how to leverage the label for resonate and vice versa.
Suggestions/ideas are always welcomed…

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Added a country category for you @andrew.della

Thank you :slight_smile:

London plans in progress :grinning:


Moving to Amsterdam very shortly. Any heads up over there? Heading to ADE? Drop me a message

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