Clarifications on the pricing page

Looking at the pricing page, it is not clear to me what this entails:

Our co-op guarantees at least 1 cent per play to artists

Does that include even after someone owns a track? I assume not, right? Maybe that should be clarified.

Also, these statements:

On corporate platforms a track needs hundreds, even thousands of plays for an artist to make one euro/dollar.
At Resonate Co-op, we can do it in nine.

don’t really make it clear that it is 9 streams from a single user. The worst case scenario, with the “1 cent minimum” policy is that it takes 100 plays (if people only listen to it once or twice). That already puts Resonate in the “hundreds” (theoretically speaking) which makes the quoted argument weaker.

I’m not sure how to best improve these things but I feel like it should be clarified, for transparency reasons. Could be as simple as making it:

[…] to make one euro/dollar from a fan.

Or something like that. But maybe there are better ways.

Finally, I think having both euros and dollars written firmly on the page might be a bad idea, unless the co-op does work with multiple currencies and aims to act as a buffer for currency fluctuations. Perhaps adding a tilde (~) in front of the dollar amounts would be good, to signal that the euro amount is the set one, while the dollar is just a conversion done for the convenience of the reader (and naturally might not be 100% accurate at the time of reading).