Closing accounts

How does closing accounts work?

I can see a delete account option in the profile account settings, but i’m not sure of the scope.

Do all three logins have to be closed separately? (profile, player and community)

If a coop member closes their profile account, do they automatically cease to be legally a member of the coop?

I have searched the forum and the docs, but can’t find much info on this.


Account deletion

To delete your account on wordpress, you must go to the account deletion page.

It does delete all wordpress associated data forever.

The new id server provides the same feature but it will not delete your old wordpress account data. For this reason, the old account deletion feature will remain available at the same url.

If there’s an active membership (listener, artist or label), it gets cancelled immediately.

Account deactivation

Going forward, I’d like to implement this. This means accounts are recoverable. We will still profile full account deletion by request and memberships are always cancelled.

We usually don’t delete the following data:

  • Play stats
  • Tracks data (usually soft deleted/hidden)
  • Favorites

It may change in the future. It’s not possible to identify you personally by looking at the play stats and favorites. We don’t log ip or any location coordinates.