Co-Operative Chat, Podcasts and Virtual Gigs on Resonate

There’s a lot of hype about Clubhousepress with Spotify making a grab for podcasting (@spotifypodcasts) in Soundcloud territory. We have talked about podcasting features: ‘podcasts or ‘resnodes’’ and the community benefit of doing something with more ‘interactive’ storytelling around music.

We use the great, open source and free for our community calls, and it’s ok for small calls. As we get bigger (and we are, fast) we will need to scale up and look at audio chat and storytelling support more closely.


Stuff we could do/decide now:

  1. Nothing… this isn’t of interest, stick with
  2. Put the audio from community calls on the player as a free track with resonate community as the artist.
  3. Reach out and work with Meet.Coop to provide support for bigger, more feature-rich community calls. They use bigbluebutton ( have used this very successfully for big meetings).

Stuff we could do later…

  1. Host our own instance of BigblueButton … @angus from has done this and has integrated it nicely with his Discourse forum… or
  2. Go back to zoom - nah, only joking, we like co-ops better (and some privacy by default)
  3. Use a special bigbluebutton setup that would give better broadcast audio quality for artists telling or playing something in an ad-hoc ‘gig’ meeting… listener video off, muting, limited emoji interaction only until end of performance.
  4. Hosting the sessions recorded from 6 on the player under a live release (subject to usual conditions, no covers and so on) so artists / narrators get stream2own earnings

Vote below!

Any other thoughts/options? Please add replies.

Here’s a mini-poll for a start:

    1. Do nothing, stick with
    1. Community calls available on the player
    1. to host our meetings
    1. I love Zoom (think before selecting this one)
    1. We host bigbluebutton (BBB) and integrate with our Discourse
    1. We use BBB for artist community gigs and/or storytelling
    1. We put the community gigs up on the player for stream2own earnings from listeners

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