Coalition for Content Provenance and Authenticity (C2PA)

Just wanted to highlight this initiative, and the potential to exploit it via our Coop Credentials use of Verifiable Credentials technology.

The C2PA does not prescribe a unified single platform for authenticity (eg some particular blockchain platform or other) but instead presents a set of standards that can be used to create and reveal attribution and history for images, documents, time-based media (video, audio) and streaming content.

Perhaps it’s something we might use one day to ensure we have the best possible, verifiable attribution of work uploaded to Resonate? Maybe something to consider as part of our artist uploading and then downloading offer… especially if artists wanted to upload / share stems / on the player or in the community and attach more of a story to the work.

It comes from Adobe and Microsoft… but it is being published as an open source standard initiative.

Here’s the deck:

RIAA are one of the parties involved…

Note this is a container that is intended to be compatible with multiple metadata ontologies such as DDEX and MP3 metadata schemes and the referencing of the identifiers (like ISRC ISWC and ISNI).

This was a presentation at W3C this week. Note that V1.0 does not yet support verifiability of streams, but it does support verifiable uploads and downloads.

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