Code of Conduct

Resonate Code of Conduct Requirements

Executive Summary

Resonate needs to have a simple, clear and concise ‘Code of Conduct’
which all members agree to abide by. This code will (i) give us a common,
agreed group culture and (ii) a measure by which to judge members that
have engaged in misconduct.

  • (a) General Principles
  • (b) Common Code (Common to all members)
  • (c) Fan Code (for members that are listeners)
  • (d) Music-Maker Code (for members that are musicians)
  • (e) Contributor [sic: Collaborator] Code (for members that are contributors)
  • (f) Board Code (for Board members)
  • (g) Annex. Defined Cases of Gross Misconduct

(a) General Principles

These are the qualities we strive for in all our actions:

  • Mutual respect
  • Honesty
  • Co-operative Spirit
    • The ICA defines co-operative values of self-help, self-responsibility, democracy, equality, equity, and solidarity
  • Fun (Genuinely!)

We also recognize the following behaviors are not allowed:

  • Racism
  • Sexism
  • Genderism
  • Ageism

(b) Common Code

These principles are fairly obvious, but worth saying out loud:

  • Be Co-operative
  • Be Honest
  • Be Welcoming
  • Be Considerate
  • Be Respectful
  • Be Careful with the words you choose
  • When we disagree, we try to understand why

(c) Fan Code

Being a fan or listener on Resonate is based on an understanding that we
love artists and want to support their work. While a certain amount of
sharing has always been part of music culture, using more advanced
networks like Tor to redistribute music at warp speed goes completely
against everything we stand for… the right of artists to be compensated
for their creations under their own terms.

Other than this obvious point, it’s all about respect. Respecting your
fellow listeners, the artists you love and even the artists you dislike. We’re
all on the same musical journey together… searching for that which
moves us. No two paths are the same, but we can walk our different
roads in solidarity.

(d) Music-maker Code

As a music maker, you pledge only to upload your own material. You
recognize that in order for Resonate to not repeat the mistakes of the
past – such as other services that built upon lots of remix content, only to
be sued by rights holders – the community must be vigilant to forge a
new path.

(e) Collaborator Code

Be nice to your fellow Collaborators. Recognize that everyone is trying
the best they can to create a meaningful platform. Accept that others who
have been around longer may have deeper insights, but feel free to
challenge (politely) if you think there’s a better way. And also constantly
keep track of your time spent so that it may be rewarded some day!

(f) Board Code

  • Be Impartial
  • Be Diligent
  • Manage Conflicts of Interests Openly

(g) Annex. Gross misconduct

A non-exhaustive list of examples of gross misconduct.

  • i. theft, fraud, embezzlement, misappropriation of funds, bribery or
    corruption, lack of due care for Resonate’s resources
  • ii. deliberate falsification of records, violation or misuse of confidential
    information, organisational property, material or equipment
  • iii. serious breaches of health and safety rules, fighting, assault on another
    person in the course of their duties within Resonate
  • iv. harassment of a fellow Resonate member
  • v. serious negligence which causes unacceptable loss, damage or injury to
    Resonate while exercising duties within Resonate
  • vi. discrimination, obstruction, serious bullying, harassment, sexual
  • vii. misrepresentation or misuse of authority
  • viii. failure to disclose conflicts of interest in business or fiscal dealings of a
    major interest or nature
  • ix. improper influence in order to make personal/family gains in business or
    fiscal dealings of a major interest or nature.


For questions or comments regarding this document, please email for assistance.