#CoffeeQuest - First Attempt - Nicaragua, Indonesia, & Colombia -> US (WI - Just Coffee)

Update: Resulting Playlist

Based on discussions here, I went ahead and ordered the Cold Brew Blend from Just Coffee (per recommendation from @Hakanto here), with the very simple goal of drinking the coffee while listening to a Resonate playlist of music from where the coffee came from (in this case, Nicaragua, Colombia, Indonesia - contracts linked below).

Notes about the Coffee

The Flavor and Smell:

“A rich blend with a malty flavor and hints of milk and dark chocolate” - More chocolatey with a hint malt? I did do the cold brew so missed out of the strong hot coffee smell, but the smell of the coffee itself from the bag was definitely a plus.

The Buying Process:
I contacted support to get their recommendations on a cold brew blend, naturally they suggested … their cold brew blend. Unfortunately it still triggered some family member GERD so will have to try another strain / blend.

The Contract Hunt:
Just Coffee makes it very easy to track the contracts regarding the coffee bag via a google sheet on their website.

Coffee Nerdery:
I’m not a coffee nerd at all. I am addicted to caffeine and have acid reflux, so need a way to mitigate this since trying to quit has failed multiple times.

Managing the Playlist

I was able to use the upload tool to upload a custom image (from unsplash) for my playlist. I also added the tag coffeequest to my playlist after getting this branch running locally on my machine.

[Part 1: Nicaragua]

There’s one track from Nicaragua, and it’s Lost - Single by Alex Cardenal

[Part 2: Colombia → (playlist)]


Wins: New coffee, learned a little bit more about Colombia!
Questions: Wondering about the genre tags that they seem a little off for the Spanish-language music.

Jenny Caicedo

Genre: despecho, popular


Genre: Dance, tropical

Nuevo Cantico Mariachi

Genre: Mariachi, mariachi-cristiano

[Part 3: Sumatra - Indonesia]

farming partner: Permata Gayo Cooperative (fairtradeproof)

Artists - Only one Indonesian artist has tracks on Resonate, the metal band Kekal

Label → The label Hantu Records is on Resonte, is active on instagram and some Indonesian platforms, but has no tracks on Resonate. Would it be possible to reconnect with them to fix their profile?

Places of Improvement

  • It would be nice to open-source the upload tool to make it easier to copy+paste some of the playlist management UI to the player site. (I did start here but it would be nice to ‘just’ copy it over)
  • Using Stocksy for the playlist image would have been more cooperative-esque.
  • There’s only one artist from Indonesia and one from Nicaragua so there was very little choice in what tracks to include from those countries. I don’t know what mechanism there exists to poke the labels in these countries to come back to life.
  • playlists are excluded from search, so nobody would find my playlist. :frowning:
  • playlist share meta data could use some work (todo)

@Hakanto just to follow up on this though it’s been just a few days, Is there some to-the-point flyer explaining the artist side? Like from signing up to getting paid out?

(1) sign up and send tracks
(2) ???
(3) profit

I know the stuff in the middle is changing / being worked out but something I could easily point central american artists to would be good.

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Damn, a simple and to-the-point flyer like that would be good. The process for getting set up on Resonate as an artist is still pretty complicated, but providing a summary of key steps and info would be really helpful to people.

In regards to the empty profiles thing, I’ll reach out to @auggod

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coffee quest playlist > Resonate

:slight_smile: @brndnkng


This is so damn cool, @boopboop :clap::clap::clap:

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this is fresh @boopboop !

i dig really the mix, and the concept is ill in terms of making connections!
especially appreciate the black metal song as the last song of the playlist :wink::smiling_imp::fire:

…tho it prolly wouldn’t rock well in a cafe, depending lol :upside_down_face:


@brndnkng let’s circle back to this. I reached out to a coffee producer already but it would be better to have a more coordinated effort.

peace @boopboop

i’m down. feel like we’re hitting a bit of a road block w/o having clarity on how the licensing for artists is gonna look.

i’m up for connecting, just unclear on what practical steps we can take without having clarity on that piece. maybe that’s something we could discuss?

i’ll have some time next week from the 22nd to the 24th. when would be good for you?

i figure we could hop on a call, you can bring me up to speed on where things are at and we could take it from there…

how does that sound?