'Collaborators' & Worker Service Time Accounting Workgroup

A date has been set for an initial meeting of Members to plan for the implementation and maintenance of a ‘Service Time’ accounting system for recording Members’ contributions of time in service to the co-op.

The meeting is open to all. I am happy to facilitate if there are no other offers. I will post an agenda prior to the meeting.

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Thank you @richjensen !

p.s. i just started a part time job at a law firm that explicitly serves worker co-ops. I’m very excited to apply what I learn to my continued patronage to Resonate.


That is SO exciting! Congratulations!


@richjensen I’ve edited this Topic to make this an event. It now appears on our calendar.


Here is a visual agenda and speaking points i’ve prepared


Resonate Time Tracking Meeting - Agenda Draft May 28
Notes to May 28 session.

Hello - 5 mins

Review concern points below.

Add additional concerns/actions.

Identify work and accountable coordinators

[one hour max]

Sarina suggestion

Yes, patronage would be a method that people can track their hours contributed, that is in turn monitored and recorded by someone at Resonate. A simple Google Sheet would work and would just need someone in your Legal/Finance realm to be responsible for it.

Columns in each tab:

Date, Start Time, End Time, Description of patronage/labor

Rich Concerns: Prerequisites to a plan like you (Sarina) describe would seem to be:

  1. a clear procedure for declaring certain time contributions as contributions, ie work parameters defined before work is counted as a contribution.

  2. A process for recognizing contributions to date.

  3. Guidance for determining the ‘half-life’ of contributions. Does their value diminish over time or carry-forward forever?

  4. An articulation of what the ‘stake’ is. Is it a share of surplus? Or something else? TBD? Perhaps just having a metric is instructive/satisfactory as an experiment without attaching to ‘earned value’?

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Here is more information about shares and qualifying contributions in the context of Fairshares.





Context of Fairshares docs:

The Resonate Rulebook was derived from templates published by Fairshares.coop. Fairshares documents have gone through several versions and while their guidance is valuable, as many outside sources may be, Resonate’s policies are determined by its Members and have a life quite independent from documents, comments, and amendments produced by Fairshares.

That said, it is a great resource for ideas and building community with like-minded and similarly structured organizations like ours.

Thank you @richjensen and @Hakanto for the info.

As mentioned, @sganesh and I will be getting together to rapid-prototype a 1-page simple board proposal draft for the interim qualified labor tracking process.

We’ll post here when done. Once there is consensus on the draft, we can submit to the Board. Sound good?


Replied with :heart:

My understanding is that you also welcome comments here as you prepare your draft, correct?

ETA for final consideration of the draft is 2021-06-03T15:00:00Z?

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Yes, we will share the draft for review with all that were on the call today. After there is consensus, you/Hakanto I’m assuming would submit to the Board.



I have been working for some time on a proposal for how the Collaborator Class at Resonate could function. I’ve drawn from a variety of studies while putting this together; if you are curious about any of the concepts presented, let me know. I’d like the opportunity to elaborate on my thought process if there are questions.

Please take a look and share your thoughts. @sarinapl @sganesh @brndnkng @richjensen @Sam_Martyn


This morning @sarinapl and I met to begin drafting the simple policy proposal to the board — we’ll be working on our portions respectively and touching base again Monday with (hopefully completed) drafts of the interim approval form and time tracking process! @Hakanto @brndnkng @richjensen

also Hakanto thank you so much for the reference material! Will be sure to give it due diligence since it’s so crucial in the conversation moving forward!


@sarinapl Thank you both so much for your work, am I reading the right document at this adress Patronage Meeting Slides _05-27-2021 - Google Präsentationen ? Just so I can follow the advancement, I’m a bit swamped in work right now so it’s hard to track meetings etc. but if I know where to look every once in a while I can do this on my leasure time.


Sunita and I will post a draft of a simple request for board approval on Monday/Tuesday. This will incorporate the deck you’ve linked to, notes from yesterdays call, and Hakanto’s research which will be added as an exhibit. Once this draft has consensus from the call-attendees yesterday, it will be presented to the board.


Thank you @sarinapl, @sganesh, @Hakanto, @richjensen, and everyone else for all of your hard work here.

I know Hakanto already referenced this in his doc, but I really like the simplicity and directness of Ampled’s Ownership Classes.

I believe in the past, Resonate has mentioned the idea of monthly, quarterly, and/or annual requirements to become a Resonate member, and maintain membership? I really like this idea as well to make sure people are continuously contributing to the co-op if they are going to be receiving continuous co-op benefits in return.

Anyways, I am interested to see what you all come up with, so I look forward to staying in touch!


Note: I will be updating my proposal document to revise how it approaches the idea of distributing shares. In the Fairshares model, which Resonate’s Rulebook draws from, many shares of a single type (e.g. Worker Shares) can be collected by a single individual; the number of shares owned determines the portion of dividend one will receive. Shares are used as a way to track contributions.

As I understand, Resonate’s model does not treat shares this way, thus the share distribution model I proposed would need to be revised.

Hi Rich, Hakanto, Brandon and Sunita:

@richjensen @Hakanto @brndnkng @sganesh

Please find attached the proposal for the board drafted by Sunita and I.


  1. Who will present to the board?

  2. Any changes? To remain efficient of time, I recommend using comments in the doc for suggested changes as opposed to writing in this forum.

Work is busy right now for me, so I will login when possible.

Have a great day.



@sarinapl Thank you for tagging me in your post! It’s a great practice that makes it easy to stay involved with a topic.

I’ll be reviewing this and @Hakanto’s suggestions with the intention to reply before Tuesday.


hello all, here is an informative blog post on Patronage by one of the co-op attorneys at the firm I work at.