Communication & engagement for the relaunch

Apologies all! I hadn’t registered the earlier time.

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Done in the latest version of the signup process… together with suggested tiered pricing for ‘packs’ of credits. The ‘credit chooser’ is a simple dropdown list of packs, starting with the 1 hour only for free. They return to the profile and the chooser if they want to come back for more.

Credit packs are priced as follows (both in the credit chooser and in stripe product pricing). The more you get, the better the unit value for money:

0.03 Credits - for FREE = 1 hour of exploring
Buy 5 credits for €7 = typically 16 hours of listening
Buy 10 credits for €12 = typically 32 hours of listening
Buy 20 credits for €22 = typically 64 hours of listening
Buy 50 credits for €50 = typically 128 hours of listening
(Projections are based on historical analysis (90k plays) at an average cost of €0.026 per play and a track duration of 4 minutes on average. 1.022 credits = €1.25 = price of typical old skool download.)

Does that work?

(NB the local currency conversions are performed at checkout when a paid pack is chosen)



This is here

Thanks Angus.

I am wary of including the featured playlist competition in the newsletter.
I discussed this with @richjensen last night and I’m going to try to share some of my concerns with you now…

A competition is setting a precedent, we haven’t communicated via newsletter in years and as a community based on cooperation, inclusivity, diversity etc it feels completely off to be promoting a competition. What does that say about who we are? That we are actively forging a path with “winners” and therefore “losers” in music.

In general, the idea of competitions to highlight music is ethically wrong - art is not a competition - and what I understood to be the complete antithesis of what we want to build as both a platform and community. It’s written in our manifesto that has already been agreed by the board.

From a marketing and communication viewpoint… It also feels too basic - while I appreciate it has been decided and will go ahead as a first trial, to highlight it in the newsletter or our socials is something I am strongly against. I would hope that this quickly evolves into something more thoughtful and in keeping with our ideals.

I would like to be involved in the conversation about how we can creatively do better - this is a conversation that involves both tech, community, marketing/comms/story - how will the playlists be highlighted and presented long term, what does collective patronage look like and how can we achieve this within resonate and the music ecosystem, how can we level the playing field for all, how can we elevate the unheard or ignored, how do we encourage discovery and participation in new scenes, right up to the core issue of what is the value of music and art. etc.

It’s the most exciting and vital problem to solve - where we can take the best of tech and the best of human discovery. We can already see examples of this being done well - at bandcamp for instance (where they also do it badly in the form of bandcamp daily but still better than all the other DSPs), and from these starting points we can probably do even better as we are intentionally building to be ethical, fair, inclusive, just etc…

I saw from the thread that one of the reasons that was decided to do a competition is to “reward” members - but they are already being rewarded by being a part of the coop! Transparency, participation, ownership, governance are the rewards.

If we want to incentivise people to engage and share, it has to be more complicated, deeper and meaningful than a competition or picking favourites. And to highlight a single playlist is, again, against our own manifesto.

I can suggest a quick fix - rather than it being a competition for any playlist, it could be made into a discovery playlist. A discovery playlist would be made entirely of music the curator has discovered on resonate, no friends or relatives, sounds outside their comfort zone or regular listening habits that they want to share with the community. Something like this would slightly better fit our ideals. It would be created with care and intention to push discovery and exploration - therefore in keeping with our values.

I don’t expect that to be done now, and honestly we can probably do even better - but criticism delivered without proposed solutions or steps forward is obviously unhelpful!

I am happy to share this on the main thread - but perhaps you, rich, @Hakanto @brndnkng could discuss further first?


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I see where you’re coming from. We should discuss this with the community team who have been formulating the project. Happy to leave it out of this newsletter to give us time to debate this further.

Not everyone can see this category, so if you could sum up your thoughts in the topic below. Then we can come to a landing on this as an organisation. It’d be best if you sum up your thoughts directly rather than being mediated through other folks I reckon.

The “teams” don’t have exclusive jurisdiction over their initiatves, and it’s definitely intended for anyone in the co-op to weigh in. Let’s do that now.

Once we come to a landing on the question, we’ll need to adopt a decision (do it in some form, or not) for some clarity. But, definitely, let’s hash it out.

@melis_tailored To help facilitate the feedback on the playlist competition, I’ve broken out the relevant discussion from the main community team topic into a seperate topic so you can see how we got there.

I think Cristina (boopboop, who can’t see this category), who lead that intiative would be receptive to restructuring the concept in some fashion as she did allude to the issue you’ve raised on one of our calls. I reckon if you give the feedback there it’ll be well received.

As you say, at the end of the day, the main goal is to encourge folks to create playlists and engage with Resonate’s music.

@melis_tailored is there anything @sganesh and I can do to help with the newsletter? Happy to do any copy editing or mailchimp-fu as needed.

I think once we have @richjensen paragraph and the everpress set up, we’ll be ready to go… aiming for tomorrow now.


Can I get a link to the newsletter draft? @melis_tailored


If you could all have a quick read, send me any links, clarifications and additional text - please comment in the doc

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I’ll read it right away! Thanks for all your hard work on it :sparkles::sparkles:

Enable comments on doc plz :pray:t4:

i’ve done some small word changes/grammar edit suggestions – feel free to reject !

done. lets wrap this up today please!
i’ve nearly finished adding in vital press contacts to the mailchimp - will aim for send out tonight into tomorrow, according to regions.


@melis_tailored my edits will be done within an hour

thanks - appreciate your help with any missing links @Hakanto

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@melis_tailored Can we tee up another comms meeting for next week for when you’re back?

One item to add to our comms list is blog content. The new website design is mostly ready, and we need to refresh the blog content for launch.

Test version of new website.

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I‘m away until 26th october - will be free for comms/story meetings after that. (except this friday)

i thought we were getting rid of the blog & opening up the forum? what‘s the purpose of the blog anymore?

Ah. Yes, definitely opening up the forum, but we still had a blog page in the new design. We can easily hide it, so no dramas. We can discuss what we do with that when you get back. We don’t need to go live with it on “Renewal day”. One less thing to do before then is probably a good thing.

Would you mind if we scheduled it for the 27th? (a Wednesday)