Communication & engagement for the relaunch

Enable comments on doc plz :pray:t4:

i’ve done some small word changes/grammar edit suggestions – feel free to reject !

done. lets wrap this up today please!
i’ve nearly finished adding in vital press contacts to the mailchimp - will aim for send out tonight into tomorrow, according to regions.


@melis_tailored my edits will be done within an hour

thanks - appreciate your help with any missing links @Hakanto

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@melis_tailored Can we tee up another comms meeting for next week for when you’re back?

One item to add to our comms list is blog content. The new website design is mostly ready, and we need to refresh the blog content for launch.

Test version of new website.

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I‘m away until 26th october - will be free for comms/story meetings after that. (except this friday)

i thought we were getting rid of the blog & opening up the forum? what‘s the purpose of the blog anymore?

Ah. Yes, definitely opening up the forum, but we still had a blog page in the new design. We can easily hide it, so no dramas. We can discuss what we do with that when you get back. We don’t need to go live with it on “Renewal day”. One less thing to do before then is probably a good thing.

Would you mind if we scheduled it for the 27th? (a Wednesday)


we can schedule both comms & story that day if it‘s helpful for everybody.

in the new website text & discussions the blog was to be archived.

I support not having a blog right now. We have other stuff to focus on :+1:

Haha, I may be misremembering but I think the blog snuck back into the website like this:

Dev team:

💁 alright, so no blog on the new website

:construction_worker_man: yeah there are some technical issues with doing a blog on the website

💁 ah well better we don’t have it then anyway

[time passes]

:construction_worker_man: hey I figured out the technical issue that was keeping us from having the blog on the new website!

💁👷 hooray now we can have the blog!

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Brief histories like this are so useful.


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@melis_tailored Is the plan to have our next Comms meeting next Wednesday?

One item to add to the agenda is external artist liason responsibilities (as discussed at the executive team meeting). We’ll need to designate someone to take care of that prior to apointing a dedicated artist liason.

To be clear, I believe the role we discussed might be best expressed as a Catalogue Liasion or Manager. Individuals serving in this role should be qualified to handle relations with a range of music rights-holders and enterprises including established artists, their management teams, labels, distributors, as well as publishing, performing rights and trade organizations.

Sorry for the radio silence. Covid hit hard. Today’s the first day my brain is working again.

I think it’s a few different roles that need to be taken into account.

As rich says - catalogue management lead - this is a role that would take over all the contracting, lisensing, legal, dealing with merlin, gema etc. This person needs to know about licensing, publishing, rights management etc. They need to be able to negotiate on our behalf with all the PROs, publishing companies etc. This job is extremely specialised, high level, law heavy and filling it must be done with great care.

Artist liason lead - this should take on what @hakanto and I will be taking care of for the relaunch. Keeping in constant contact with current artists to ensure they are up to date and happy (hakanto as coop - i will take over this for the relaunch to remove from Hakanto’s plate - i just need access to the database with the list of existing artists and their contacts), outreach to new artists/labels/distro to ensure constant new catalogue, onboarding, explaining resonate and building industry support (melissa as comms).

Customer lead - customer service. Dealing with complaints and confusion. Problem solving together with the tech team. Organising a volunteer customer service team. I would also put the social media handling into this team role - as it’s essential function is to communicate with the customer.


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Thanks for clarifying this @melis_tailored.

I’ve created a new #hr category to house these role descriptions and other HR matters. I’ve copied your descriptions across. When you have time (no rush), could you flesh out those descriptions, and a list of responsibilities for the Catalogue Manager and Artist Liason roles.

@richjensen could you have a go at fleshing out the role descriptions, responsibilies, workload and compensation in the topics for the existing roles?

@melis_tailored When you’re ready (no rush) let us know when you want to hold the next dedicated comms meeting.

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I would like to hold the next comms meeting in a couple of weeks. There’s a lot of writing and prep still to be done - that I would rather spend time on now.

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For the next comms meeting - we would like to schedule these for tuesdays or fridays from now on.

@kavan @sganesh @richjensen @angus which day works best for you and what time? i am open both days except for tuesday 3pm CET.

@terry @tamimulcahy @RobertaFidora we would love to have you there, if you would be interested in assisting with the communication for the resonate renewal in December.

best wishes,


Tuesday is better for me (with the same 3pm CET caveat).

Tuesdays work well for me — have a hard out at 2:30 PM EST, but other than that open! Won’t be present on the 16th November though for testing

might make sense to go straight into the comms meeting from the exec then.

set comms meeting for 16:30 CET on tuesday?

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