Communications and Relationship Management - User Stories


This is a place to collect user stories (requirements) about communication and relationships with users, members, prospective users and members, workers and folks in partner organisations.

(Sometimes in the commercial sector these types of needs are met by solutions called ‘CRM’ aka customer relationship management, plus PRM aka partner relationship management plus ERM aka ‘Employee’ relationship management… but it’s kind of the same sort of features, just for different audiences)

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and for payments and accounting, including financial relationships with counterparties, see Payments and Accounting - User Stories

User Stories for Communications and Relationship Management

role As a …. I want to ……………………. so that I can…………
X07 crm admin As a CRM admin I need to maintain a consolidated list / view of prospects* / signups / members + (privacy-respecting) segmentation
X08 crm admin As a CRM admin I need to manage day-to-day customer activities and interactions across channels in line with customer preferences
X09 crm admin As a CRM admin I need to pick the right message, at the right time: targeted digital marketing campaigns
X10 crm admin As a CRM admin I need to know where people heard about us from the sign-up process
X11 campaign manager As a campaign manager I need tools to design my campaign and monitor its effectiveness