🌍 Community Assembly 1 | October 9th

Hi @boopboop! My english is not the best too - hehehe, but It will be an amazing exchange of histories and learning experience talking to you. I’m a musician, but in Resonate, just a curios member.


Just started! Come through y’all!

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@KallieMarie @LLK @richjensen @remst8 @Sam_Martyn @boopboop @Marco

Thanks to everyone who came to the assembly today! It was amazing to experiment with making proposals, improving them, and collaborating in a new way using the “democracy field”. I’m really excited for new methods like this that foster smooth, interactive discussions and decisions.

Truly everyone who showed up got to leave their mark on what we did today, and I’m so inspired by that.

I have our records and video from the assembly and will be sharing them here tomorrow. Today, I need to rest. Been a long week.

Folks wanted to continue our assembly at the same time next Saturday, so get ready for Part 2! Looking forward to it and for others to share their ideas. I’ll create a new event in the forum, and we’ll get that going.

Really appreciate y’all and everything you do here :evergreen_tree::evergreen_tree: Onward!


Thank you everyone!

@Hakanto, where would be the best place for me to create that topic about trying to get the Resonate emails out of the spam folder?

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Terrific to hear, I’ll try to be there for Part 2 hopefully stay through the whole thing this time!

I’d like to suggest moving the session back an hour. So: 2021-10-16T16:00:00Z2021-10-16T18:00:00Z. This would push the meeting back to 9am in my region, the Pacific coast of america, which is a bit more accommodating to the concept of having a weekend than 8am provides.

Which brings up more proposals:

a) That there be a public backlog of proposals.

b) That there be a polling process so that Members in the Forum may recommend the order of consideration of proposals by the attendees to the Assembly. (I suggest that the Assembly should make its own determinations of priorities ‘in the moment’ but I believe that being informed by collective sentiment will help guide and improve the work of the Assembly.)

This reminds me of recent discussions in several threads that suggest that the implementation of a Membership-base Community Credential could underpin access to a broad range of vital services deployed and governed through the Forum, the Player and other spaces both inside and outside Resonate’s service areas (eg. in the inter-cooperative ecosystem and beyond).


Great, I agree with most of this!

If moving it a bit later can help some US folks to join it’s great the more people come to the meeting the better!


Sorry for the delay y’all – video and proposals from the assembly posting tomorrow :honeybee:


Testing. Are folks able to access this video?

Unfortunately, it seems that Big Blue Button’s built-in video recording doesn’t capture our cursors/names moving around on screen. :frowning_face: So we’ll have to find a different solution for recording and saving these – probably OBS. And we’ll need a place to host them.

@Sam_Martyn Drop it in Co-operation and tag @catalog :hammer: Tag @LLK and @boopboop too so they have opportunity to mention the newsletter going to spam. Gotta know about it to fix it!

In general, it isn’t too important where a new topic gets put. Just get it out there! :slight_smile: If it’s important to find the perfect home for it, I’m happy to move it myself

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Great ideas here. I’ve created a process organizing this backlog using buttons at the top of the Co-operation category.

I don’t want to add complexity too fast, but the polling/ranking idea seems simple enough. Also, the polling process would encourage folks to discuss and refine proposals before bringing them to the assembly. I’m considering the tag #proposals to be our backlog.

If we could set up a tool on the #proposals page itself for voting proposals up or down, that would be a very easy way to prioritize them! I’m pretty confident Discourse has tools like that. @angus?

I’m referring to these as “proposals” rather than say, “motions” so that each of our kinds of gatherings uses a unique word for the decisions it makes:

  • Proposals → Community Assemblies
  • Motions → Board Meetings
  • Resolutions → General Meetings

Having different names for these should help us keep track of what’s what.


To everyone who couldn’t make it last week, we’re doing part two this Saturday! :rose:

@Hakanto I can watch it in Chrome. The video doesn’t seem to load in Safari.

Now I can get caught up on the discussion I missed after I left!


Thanks for testing it out :fist:

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