🌎 Community Assembly 2 | October 16th

Come say hi this saturday and bring your ideas for Resonate! :sparkles:

Assemblies are a new experiment at Resonate – a place to meet other members, learn what’s going on, and share and discuss ideas for the co-op. Orbiting an assembly are social hangouts, skillshares, and music parties organized by co-op members. If you’d like to host something this weekend (:eyes: @datafruits), share your idea in the forum and drop a link! We’ll get your meetup on the calendar.

Last week’s assembly was enough of a success, that folks wanted to have the next one right away! Hope to see you there and thanks to everyone who came last time @Hakanto @richjensen @boopboop @LLK @remst8 @Sam_Martyn @Marco


  • Invite folks to introduce themselves in round; each calls on next person
  • Explain “democracy field” discussion format
  • Confirm agenda
  • Updates on last week’s #supported-proposals
  • Invite folks to share news about what’s going on recently at resonate
  • General Q&A
  • Discuss #proposals using the “democracy field”


Full: @KallieMarie @Hakanto @LLK @remst8 @richjensen

Partial: @boopboop @sganesh


Proposals which received discussion and interest but which were not supported exactly as written.

Assembly actions

  • To schedule next meeting for same time next week, but set time at 90 minutes rather than 2 hours

My Saturday morning thanks you. :pray:t3:


Come say hi this saturday and bring your ideas for Resonate :sparkles:

@thehouseorgan @KallieMarie @topshelfrecords @datafruits @peter @sganesh @terry @chriswhittenmusic @RobertaFidora @CPacaud @Iamupinthecloud @melis_tailored @Nick_M @agf @zetto.plus @onapoli @MorAir @kavan @agaitaarino @auggod @brndnkng @ntnsndr @tamimulcahy @charlie_B @Fabsozlo @auggod @Timothee @nphilmasiakowski @dogmaskmusic @Aniela @aforeigncar.cabral @beatmachinerecords


I’ve added a poll in the original post above from @richjensen’s suggestion. Score the different proposals on a 0-4 scale to show your interest in discussing them. We’ll introduce the proposals with the highest scores first. Hope to see y’all there tomorrow/today!


This is a good idea !

Starting now!

Thanks to all who came today! I’ll have the video posted as soon as I figure out how and where to upload it.

Bizarrely, my video recording settings on OBS left my own voice out of the video – but not… all the time? I’m still new to OBS and I must have set it up wrong. So the video will be there, but I myself will be oddly voiceless in it. Gotta make mistakes to learn!

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There can be issues when setting up the different audio channels on OBS as to what is recorded (the audio from your mic vs the audio coming out of the computer vs both), it’s a common problem on Twitch recordings for example that some or all of the audio is missing.

The dropouts however are a bit weirder, maybe there’s a volume threshold for recording?

I think we should consider a peertube instance.

I’ve started writing a how-to guide for community assemblies. Also, I have an idea for addressing the “comment button” desire raised by @richjensen. The solution I’m scheming up isn’t a comment button, but I feel confident y’all will like it. :hammer:

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Sorry to miss the session again! I find the inbuilt server-side recording in our meet.coop provided service works fine… Better quality than a local recording, and available from the servers for easy access from the room webpage. See here, from around 1.45 onwards… Creating your own personal rooms with GreenLight - YouTube

The only snag is that you have to wait a few hours before the server side processing finishes before a long meeting will appear in the list.

Yeah that’s much easier for sure! Unfortunately, it doesn’t record users’ cursors. We need that on the recording since its so key to the assembly format. Perhaps meet.coop can enable that. I’ll reach out.

Why not ask folks to draw? It records that. See the recording of the meet.coop Christmas party for example.

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I liked the “lowest level interraction” of just pointing your cursor to a space, it had an almost “videogamey” vibe where you’re in the simplest visualization of a room and just head towards a specific area to say a specific thing.

The only “good gameplay” addition I could see would be if you could always be one click away to “freeze” and “unfreeze” your position ie. I position myself in the improvement box, click “x button” it freezes my democracy pointer (the dot with my handle name) in that space and my mouse pointer is back to its regular behavior just for me alone to see, and then when I got to say my improvement pitch, I can unfreeze pressing “x button” again so that my pointer is “my dot character in the democracy field” again.

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Nice! Grabbing a screenshot of the cursors seems fine.

At meet.coop folks drop a circle or marker in the discussion space to indicate sentiment.

There is also a set of polling tools built in to BBB, intended for teaching, but hackable for co-operative democracy…

How do you know whose dot it is in that configuration? Because the handy thing about moving your cursor is it has your handle attached to it and there’s virtually nothing else to do beside “be in that area”. So if I could just like, punch a dot in there and the dot had, say, a specific color + my handle name (basically : if the handle name was always displayed near any drawing someone makes as to know who drew what), then we could use it this way :

I go to “improvement” area, I punch a dot (easy enough it’s one click away), the dot lives on with my name attached to it, and once I said my thing, I erase it.

I’m really just trying to find the thing that requires the LEAST to learn for anyone not used / comfortable with computers.

Drawings I think are in general a terrible idea because not everyone is comfortable with their writing/drawing skills, be it with a mouse or not, and it’ll necessarily deter a lot of people.

Polling is one thing but that’s not all we’re trying to achieve with the democracy field, rather : polling in that field is the easy part, the whole point of the field is to articulate the discussion prior to voting without all the hard work of determining priority of speach defered to someone and without the risk of having people not speaking because of a complex set of rules that can potentially make them feel uncomfortable.

Here it’s really all very simple and straightforward and we should try to keep that aspect.


@LLK I was agreeing! Just wanted to share the drawing and polling stuff that’s also available. No need to use it at all :grin: …But then I do LOVE drawing.

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