🌏 Community Assembly 3 | October 23

Assemblies are a new experiment at Resonate – a place to meet other members, learn what’s going on, and share and discuss ideas for the co-op. Orbiting an assembly are social hangouts, skillshares, and music parties hosted by co-op members. If you’d like to host something this weekend, share your idea in the forum and drop a link! We’ll get your meetup on the calendar.

Thanks to everyone who came last time @KallieMarie @Hakanto @LLK @remst8 @richjensen @boopboop @sganesh :seedling::herb::hibiscus:



Check out the Having an assembly guide if you’re curious about how assemblies are run and how to participate. I’ll also do an overview at the start of the assembly. See you there!

@richjensen expressed interest in the assembly having more space for general commentary and discussion. Here’s a tool we can try out at this assembly. It’s a new field:

Round field v1.0

If a round is begun as an action, the facilitator will switch to the Round Field. All will be invited to place their cursor along the purple circle. Those who don’t wish to speak can place their cursors outside the circle in the listening area.

Each person along the circle will take turns speaking. After each person speaks, they’ll move their cursor to the spoken area inside the circle.

After everyone in the first round has moved to the spoken area, those in the listening area will be invited to line up along the circle to speak. Those who don’t wish to speak can remain in the listening area.

When the second round is done, the facilitator will return the group to the Proposal Field.


@Hakanto - I’m excited to see how the Round Field works out!

Unfortunately, I had another commitment pop up, so I won’t be able to attend this assembly. :disappointed:

I look forward to watching the recording later.


Starting at the top of the hour! Come by to share and discuss ideas for Resonate.

Room’s open!