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Rolling Team Session Notes

peace everyone,

i’ve created a new topic to offer clarity and lessen confusion re: Community Team meetings.

this group focuses on aspects of resonate that help to contribute towards a healthy, engaging community.

our primary focuses include:

  • identifying and improving aspects of this Discourse- Resonate Community Forum space
  • identifying and improving aspects of our Player (fixing bugs/proposing add on’s)
  • welcoming new community and co-op members
  • community education - collective learning sessions about the current power structure we live under to understand and are operating with in to gain clarity on why we’re intentionally building our cooperative the ways that speak towards ecological sustainability and harmony. i.e. de-colonial/deeply democratic(direct democracy/intersectional) and geared towards the repair(for past and current harms committed against) of historically dispossessed communities.

this community team space offers a space for us to build a connection with one another and work together to improve our platform (player) and community (discourse).

where we work

there’s three main places where we’ll work

  • Community Category . Posing ideas and developing and executing plans.
  • Bi-weekly video calls: project overviews, check-ins, community education sessions
  • Github: development work

join us!

description from @brndnkng

The community call is presently coordinated by @ode12 working as a .25 FTE contractor in the role of community call coordinator


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peace @community, @KallieMarie @LLK @boopboop @CritCity @piper @richjensen @Nick_M @Sam_Martyn @sganesh @Hakanto

just giving a heads up that we will be meeting tomorrow at 2022-03-03T16:00:00Z2022-03-03T17:00:00Z

today’s agenda

  • fundraising - crowdfunding update/utilizing buzz to plug people in
  • social media - bandcamp acquisition/opportunity as non venture capitalists/ethical alternative (discuss buffer/prepping social media posts)
  • minimal mobile app - do we share publicly/promote which may accelerate our fundraising drive? if so, how?

hope to see y’all there!

Chat notes from March 3 session:
present: @brndnkng @richjensen @Hakanto @sganesh @CritCity @piper @LLK


Action items: Always pitch joining the forum for people to find answers to their question.

Rich: Notes for one pager: today.

Hakanto (?): check with Timothee / Alex about adding ‘beta’ to player/site header grpahic to help set user expectation (and implicit call to participate).

sunita (she/her) says:++++++++1

b k he|him says:Resonate Co-op - Open Collective
b k he|him says:does the handbook explain this?
me says:I would encourage folks to link to handbook. I requires people to enroll in the forum… but not necessarily join…

me says:it requires

me says:“join the forum and ask questions”

me says:We need a roadmap for downloads.

me says:Does ‘free’ track setting turn off ‘Buy Now’?

b k he|him says:we need a one pager

me says:We have the bylaws…

me says:Resonate Rulebook (co-op bylaws) - Policy - Resonate Community Forum

Hakanto says:piper, what’s your estimate for ongoing maintenance of the app you’ve made, after launch?
piper (he/him) says:As far as the app is going, things are slowing down with respect to improvements that need to be made app-side. At this point Issues · resonatecoop/stream · GitHub these issues marked [mobile only] apply and need to be fixed in that repository for example.


Hey @brndnkng I am unable to make this weeks meeting but will be at the next one! I’ll make sure to check the notes and the discussions in the Social Media Cooker thread were interesting so I’ll keep checking those out. I apologize for my absence. Talk soon I hope it goes well today. Peace!

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no worries, thanx for the heads up @CritCity!

see everyone else that’s planning on joining at the top of the hour :pray:t5::sparkles:

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community team notes 3/17/2022

@KallieMarie and i had a great check in today and brought up a lot of questions that have been coming up on this thread.

see below for notes and for questions that we still need answers/more clarity for.

thank you @KallieMarie for typing these notes!

Remaining questions around the stream to own model. Two categories, from listener and from artist.

From Listener perspective: How many streams to own? What is own defined as?
(Should own be redefined perhaps as unlimited access, if they aren’t able to down load. Will they be able to download?)
How many streams to equal a dollar given to artist?

From Artist Perspective: Where can music/maker/artist see their streams, their earnings, and where do they access their funds?

download now and stream to own

Perhaps a way to clarify this for listeners and creators is to offer a flexible model, whereby there are options for owning and streaming. This might look like: 1) Listener can choose to stream an MP3 and after so many streams, it unlocks access to the higher quality lossless file (Wav. Aiff. Flac.) and then they can download if they wish, but equally now have unlimited access to stream, with no further cost. The artist could also have other things that are unlocked at after a certain stream count that gives the listener access to videos, album art download etc.
At the same time there could also be an option for a listener to skip past streaming counts, if they know enthusiastically that they really like the artist and want to go directly to unlock/buy which gives them the files etc immediately, and they pay upfront.

artists toggle options to be able to turn on/off downloading

Furthermore, it might be good to allow artists control over how their content is delivered, and managed. For example, allowing artists to toggle on or off the download access. Perhaps the artist only wants it to be streamable, and not downloadable. There might be a variety of reasons that an artist would choose this option. It could be used in promotional ways, to say “Hey we have a new release, and for the next two weeks or 24 hours you can go buy/own get the music/art etc” or another reason an artist might choose to only have it as a streamable option is perhaps they are concerned about NFT theft, or perhaps they lack bandwidth to send the larger files (uncompressed etc) for download. This lets people with less technological access still participate in having their MP3 streamed, even if they dont have the time, means, or access to get the larger files over… yet. Simply put it gives more options for artists to manage their catalogue.

Because of app development, it would also be good to be mindful of keeping download options flexible for those that are engaging with Resonate from their mobile devices. Allowing a download of an MP3 is also important, for storage or file size. Or for listeners to toggle it off so they dont auto download when they are using the app. (So this would likely need to be an app feature that is listener facing.)

On the topic of artist discovery, there are a few areas that might be useful, engaging and fun.
For example allowing listeners to proudly display either artists they support, or releases they own on their dashboard would be an engaging way to drive community engagement, exploration, and artist discovery. This could be a feature that listeners can toggle on or off. Perhaps they unlock badges the more artists/ releases they support/own?

Lastly, another feature, that would potentially be engaging is the have an animated Resonate icon that moves (Resonates) when there is some one who has similar music tastes to you, alerting listeners to potential discovery or potentially a new friend! This could work in app and or desktop where it shows perhaps others that are currently streaming the same as you, or streaming/owning things similar to your tastes, allowing listeners to engage with each other and drive discovery and community.

be able to download mp3s in mobile app.
might be cool to toggle on or off, show library on listener profiles (might be cool for others to see who they’re listening to)

make friends, discover artist from other listeners.


peace good people,

just sending a reminder about today’s meeting happening 2022-03-31T16:00:00Z2022-03-31T17:30:00Z

we’re going to be giving an update on our most recent board meeting and discuss how that affects this team and our broader cooperative moving forward

hope you all can make time to join!

@community @KallieMarie @CritCity @piper @richjensen @sganesh @Hakanto @LLK @ode12

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hi everyone, i havent intro’d myself, im diane! im super excited to join today’s meeting :fireworks:


peace diane… looking forward to building with you!

Wait is it right now? It says 6pm!

Did I misunderstand last week, that there was to be a follow up meeting tomorrow 4/7 to discuss the reading materials that were shared? I haven’t seen anything about that in the calendar, so as of now unless I hear otherwise I am going to assume that is not a thing?

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@KallieMarie I’m planning on being there, so at least the two of us (and possibly @llk) will be there. 11am CST.

I suggest at the call tomorrow we chat about the reading materials and what we want out of the working group going forward. Then next week we can pick a coordinator. How’s that sound?

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Cool! Yeah sounds good. Totally was starting to think I had hallucinated this meeting for the reading. My internet is down but hopefully back up in a few hours. Outrage in my area. Operating off phone.

Looking forward to chatting tomorrow.

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Peace all. I will be present today to work with other members on the question of how Resonate can be a vehicle for repair from the global legacy of colonization, patriarchy and racism.

Last week the community team was introduced to this text: White Supremacy Culture .

Today I thought we could respond to our reading of the text and begin to think about specific actions members can take to remove legacies of white supremacy culture from co-op spaces and structures.

Let’s meet in the usual Community Team space today and then figure out how to establish an on-going work and meeting place.



Hi all,
My internet is down, I’m trying to call in on my phone, but because my phone is so old my browser is not supported by Jitsi and it’s requesting I download the app. I don’t know if I have enough data to do so but I’m going to try. My apologies for being late, and or potentially absent!

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Much respect to the conversation started today. I hope we continue. Thank you both for the engaging and caring work. Sorry I bounced. See all soon.

peace everyone,

just sending a last min reminder about today’s meeting. hop on if you can

peace everyone,

just sending a last min reminder about today’s meeting. hop on if you can!

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