🤗 Community Check-In [paused]

Running a few mins late

My work schedule got switched up about two months ago so I haven’t been able to be at the last couple meetings. Been testing out the app and it’s great! Been doing my best to keep up with everything on here as well. Hope the meeting goes well!


Great gathering in the space today to introduce @ode12 in the role of Community Coordinator & Cultural Strategist and now facilitator for these sessions.

@sganesh @KallieMarie @brndnkng @psi @Hakanto @Sam_Martyn

Notes recorded here: https://cryptpad.fr/pad/#/2/pad/edit/PwDCSZHCv7RfBxRVjh9HiDSw/


Thanks for sharing the notes, I read through them, makes me feel like I missed a little less ! I’ll try to be there at the next community meeting if I can :slight_smile:

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Hi @ode12. Do you have a regular time or space you like to have available for ‘drop-ins’ on tuesdays?

I’m doubtful that I can make this one today, but might be able to sneak in for the last portion of it. Sorry to miss it!


At some point I want to look at designing our ‘start here’ experience for first-time users. What ‘hot tips’ should they know? How do they encounter this?

Closely related to ‘how do they experience welcoming and an overview of the co-op and forum space’.

And, ‘how do they find orientation for when they want to have more involvement?’

Then, ‘what education materials do we need to provide or point them to so people can be good contributors in all the various disciplines relating to the work here?’