Community Picks — September!

It’s that time!

Would love everyone to contribute 1-4 selections to creating our “Community Picks" playlist for September. We’ll feature this on the player, so please please drop what you’ve been loving these days! You can see past selections to avoid duplicates on each of the sheet pages. Please try to vary artists by selecting music outside of your typical region, genre, with thought to different identities so we can showcase our full library!

September Sheet


Added a track by Erica Eso, a new band on Resonate I uploaded today :fireworks:

Added a few tracks thanks to @Hakanto (Dearest Hue (Hue The Main Theme) - Alkis Livathinos) and @boopboop’s (Into The Forest - Juniper Tapes) recommendations!

Never really dove into much ambient music before, but saw these in the forum and have been enjoying them more than I thought!

If the artists have already been featured, or if they’re not diverse enough, no worries! Feel free to do with them what you will! Thanks!

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