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Parts of this forum will be opened up to the public as part of the Renewal (previously known as the “relaunch”). See further on that here:

The @community team is proposing to include a curated list of tagged public posts from the #music category in the discover page of the player. This is in addition to all existing content on the discover page (nothing will be removed). For background on the discussion around this, see both

How it will work

This is the basic flow:

  1. Posts in #music will be tagged by genre (either by poster or staff).
  2. Posts in #music will tagged by staff with featured tag. This tag will be restricted to use by staff (this is possible in Discourse).
  3. Posts with both a genre tag and a featured tag will appear in the relevant section of the discover page of the player


There’s a few things to be decided in terms of how and where this content will appear in the player, which are a combination of product and technical questions

To do

  • Decide on the product aspects of this
  • Decide on the rules for curation (i.e. how staff choose posts to feature)
  • Finalise designs
  • Implement in development

Ideally we want to include v1 of this in the player as part of the “Renewal”.


Now that the forum is public this has become a lot more possible.

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here’s a very basic implementation of this (just a link).

There’s the chicken-egg situation that there are relatively few tagged posts about music in the forum, but perhaps this will help get the ball rolling.

thanks @fgblomqvist for the review.

@community is this what we had in mind for this?

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Dumb (but possibly related) question: How do users add more high level genres?

I’ve had feedback from music heads that the small selection is a turn-off while users are first evaluating the site. Some first time users see #hiphop for example as so general as to indicate a lack of sensitivity to the genre and the communities that drive it.

Letting users source these parameters might be productive.

The practical answer is you clone the repo, edit this file, make a PR, then bug someone enough that they merge the PR.

For the bigger question of “who decides the featured tags”, I had the same question here Can we vote on featured tags?, but it didn’t seem to be a priority at the time.

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They can now, if they make a playlist and add tags to the track (important edit: add tags to the PLAYLIST), the playlist will show up on the tag page.

A few months ago users could add multiple tags to playlists, but that seems to be broken, so now users can add only one tag.

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Thanks. I’ll explore!