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September 22

@community Great call all! Here’s what we discussed

Diversity and Inclusion Survey

This week @brndnkng will build on the survey draft, with the following

  • Finalising the list of questions (incl phrasing and list of options for each)

    • We’ll include a question about ability/disability
    • We’ll include a question about whether the person is from a rural or urban area
    • We’ll include supplementary question for each question about how important the identity or affiliation is for the person
  • A paragraph-long introduction to the survey describing what it is and why we’re doing it

@Hakanto will finalise 2 to 5 questions about the person’s relationship with Resonate, which will be included at the start of the survey.

I’ll have a look at the mechanics of the survey, starting with talking with @melis_tailored:

  • We’d like to send this survey to all folks with a resonate account. What kind of mailing lists do we currently have?
  • Would it be possible for us to send this survey to a mailing list via Mailchimp?

Website community embeds

@Hakanto will come to a landing on what community topics we’re going to embed on the new website, specifically


  • Topic from the music category
    • Videogame music
  • Topic from the co-op category
  • Topic from the platform category

Co-op page

  • Co-op category
  • A topic the co-op category’
  • A topic from the platform category

Stream to own

  • 1 topics from the music category (?)

Once he’s decided on a what topics we want to embed, we’ll then ask @Timothee to assist in how best to insert them into the current design. @boopboop and I will do the actual implementation.

Featured Playlist Competition

We’re going to run a competition to select a user playlist to feature in the player here on the community. @boopboop will be looking at the structure and mechanics of the competition.

  • Where we’ll run it and how folks can participate
  • The length of the competition
  • How we’ll select a winner
  • How we let people know about the competition. Perhaps we can include something in an email distro (@melis_tailored ?)
  • How we feature the winning playlist in the player: most likely in the discover section, with a link back to the winning entry in the community.

p.s. @boopboop we’re all looking forward to a picture of that hermit crab, the fifth member on our call :stuck_out_tongue:


[Technical aside: I can’t undo my like. Does the option to unlike a like expire?]

Update. No… the functionality of like-reversal isn’t time based. It seems to be an immediate condition that is isolated to this thread. I suspect a parameter setting.

I’d rate this setting as ‘sub-optimal’: diminishes user’s control of their voice.

not a hermit crab after all!


@community doing a trial run of a wiki poll app

Please check it out here - All Our Ideas - Bringing survey research into the digital age

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Nice! However I think we should try using the native discourse polling here. Here’s where you can access it.

Screenshot at Sep 24 11-20-52

Building the ballot is the issue though, the poll assumes the items are already decided.

Doing a wiki post could be a solution but there’s the paranoia someone accidentally deletes someone else’s submission. A thread is also an option?

Thread is good. Also our old wordpress gravity forms toolkit is a good and easy way to build dynamic web forms.

See this for example:

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@community giving an update that i won’t be on this week’s call. i have a friday deadline i must meet and don’t have the bandwidth to do that and finish my homework for our team tbh.

def down to pick things back up next week, and completely open to others stepping in/pick-up where i left off on the Mapping Diversity Survey

from my notes from our last call, we need another paragraph explaining why we’re doing it as well as flushing out the survey questions a bit more to be more inclusive. if anyone else is down with taking a stab at it, that’d be love.

if not, we’ll just pick things back up re: mapping diversity survey in a week or so

'preciate y’all

@Hakanto @boopboop @angus


18 posts were split to a new topic: Playlist Competition(?) Development

Alright, short question – long answer.

In the context of the player and co-op, I advise for clarity that we refer to folks who create playlists and curate as simply “listeners”. Creating playlists and other potential curatorial activities will be features of listener accounts, or could be reserved to Listener-Members. But terms like “selector” imply a different role.

In terms of multiple nicknames for accounts, I’m still learning about the user API so there may be misunderstandings below. Here’s my current interpretation; tread lightly.

In the future, a Resonate account will be able to create and manage multiple personas. Personas have unique usernames. Personas can be managed by one or multiple accounts. Examples: an artist could allow a persona they’ve created to also be managed by their label. A persona representing a band could be managed by all of the band members, each through their own accounts.

The main way that personas manifest practically is as a page/profile on the player. If multiple accounts controlled the same persona, they would all be able to upload to a shared artist page, edit it, etc.

I’m not sure if these same principles apply to listener pages, and that’s where this starts getting weird. On the player, a listener page displays playlists made by that listener. The URL for this page is linked to the listener’s username, so anonymity would require a workaround for the playlist to be accessible.

At this point, page and user management happens on the Dashboard (which has the music uploader, artist earnings, stats, etc) and the ID server (which manages profiles, editing accounts, uploading profile pics, etc). The priority there is to make the Dashboard useful for artists’ needs. Listeners technically can log into the Dashboard, but don’t have much to do there.

SO ANYWAY, multiple nicknames,

  • VIA DASHBOARD - First, we’d reach a point where an account can switch between artist personas while using the Dashboard.

  • VIA PLAYER - Switching personas on the player seems a lot more complicated. Listeners switching between personas on the player may be possible, but would require UI work or development of a Listener Dashboard. My instinct tells me that listener features ideally be built into the player itself, as it already is the listener dashboard practically speaking.

  • VIA FORUM - I imagine implementing this Persona system would require an new and sorta unprecedented Discourse feature. Discourse requires a username to be linked 1:1 with an email address, unlike resonate personas. Maybe there is some feature out there that allows a Discourse account to manage multiple usernames from a single account and to switch between them, but I have no idea how Discourse would handle all the other aspects affected by this (trust levels, badges, groups, etc).

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Even if this is only a rough rendering it is very helpful, thank you!

I’ll digest and then perhaps have more questions. :pizza: :hibiscus:

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Minor correction. No, a ‘persona’ belongs to one and only one user = account, typically an email address.

The intention was indeed that listeners, labels and artists could have multiple personas, but at the moment I think we are planning for listeners to have one persona, multiple personas being reserved for artists and labels. That could be changed.


Thanks for checking my work, Nick! :slight_smile:

Interesting, so a persona couldn’t be managed by multiple accounts?

Let’s say I am an independent artist on resonate and then I join a label. I have a persona for my music. I decide to give the persona to the label to manage. I wouldn’t retain any control over the persona? I may be misunderstanding.

It seems much better if this was more like a delegation of control which could be revoked at will by the delegator, like assigning someone as a proxy on your behalf. It would be odd to hand over complete control because I assume the artist would lose the ability to check their earnings and stats, not having access to the persona.

A delegating relation was envisaged. I’m not sure if it was implemented in the current version? From the user and membership API spec, see this comment:

Yes: There is a ‘delegate’ relationship that may be set by the originating owner of a profile. Either a label delegating control to the artist, or vice versa.

However, bear in mind It is important that a public release, legally issued under contract to a label should not be suddenly represented as an independent release, now that the artist is independent: two profiles may still be required, one under the label, and another as the independent artist. It should also be possible for the artist to create a separate profile that is the parent of both those profiles, one being the historic one under the label, and the current one. Of course the artist may have current and previous ‘personas’ under many labels, not just one.

If the ‘label’ relationship is just a looser ‘marketing agent’ setup, with no specific rights relationship to record, it may be perfectly OK for the ‘marketing’ agent to hand over the profile to the artist. It’s always the original owner that has to initiate the setting up of a delegate or the transfer of control, of course.

We have a very flexible profile system and even without a secure (and potentially complex) persona handover (think about transferring ownership of bank accounts as an analogy) there are workaround ways to represent the situation with only a little bit of duplication of profile information.

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@community here we go!

September 29 Meeting

@community Thanks all for coming :slight_smile:

No worries @brndnkng, we can continue next week :+1:

Playlist Competition


This is version 1 of the competition. Each cycle of the competition lasts for a calendar month.

What are we voting for

We can nominate any playlist, whether created by a human or machine. The playlist has to be two items or more.

How are playlists nominated

We create a new topic each cycle, people nominate playlists by replying to the topic with an embed, or link of the playlist. This nomination period lasts for 2 weeks.

How are playlists voted for

Nomination period ends, and poll is created in the OP of the competition topic with links all nominations in posts. Voting lasts for 2 weeks.

Communicating about competition

  1. Forum banner:
    • Announcement bar below header, above existing cards. Different background color, with a sentence:
    • Nominating period: “[November Featured Playlist Competition] Nominate a playlist to be featured on Resonate. Nominations close October 15.”
    • Voting period: “[November Featured Playlist Competition] Vote on playlists to be featured. Voting closes October 31.”
  2. Newsletter
  3. Note in player where playlist is featured

Website Community Embeds

Form factor

  • Card-style embed
  • User avatar
  • Excerpt from post


  • Topic from the music category
  • Topic from the co-op category
  • Topic from the platform category

Co-op page

  • Co-op category
  • A topic the co-op category’
  • A topic from the platform category

Stream to own

  • 1 topics from the music category (?)



  1. Add forum banner functionality: @angus will record video making changes
  2. Create the competition topic in #music: @boopboop
  3. @Hakanto will break out the website embeds into new topic in #platform:website, further specifying the changes. We will include them in the next development epic starting in October.
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If the desired technical characteristics of a future ‘selector account’ are similar to those of the artist role / account and permissions - ie the ability to create multiple personas, with their own playlists and rich story / pictorial content, it’s straightforward from a back-end perspective - we just add another ‘usergroup type’ and they share the artist-level Role permissions. As you say, what the player UI / forum does with it is a different matter.

The key thing is to make sure that the player is associating playlists, releases, profile pictures and uploaded tracks with a ‘profile’ (persona, usergroup) and not directly with a user. Hope that is true!

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@community here we go!

cc @richjensen