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A delegating relation was envisaged. I’m not sure if it was implemented in the current version? From the user and membership API spec, see this comment:

Yes: There is a ‘delegate’ relationship that may be set by the originating owner of a profile. Either a label delegating control to the artist, or vice versa.

However, bear in mind It is important that a public release, legally issued under contract to a label should not be suddenly represented as an independent release, now that the artist is independent: two profiles may still be required, one under the label, and another as the independent artist. It should also be possible for the artist to create a separate profile that is the parent of both those profiles, one being the historic one under the label, and the current one. Of course the artist may have current and previous ‘personas’ under many labels, not just one.

If the ‘label’ relationship is just a looser ‘marketing agent’ setup, with no specific rights relationship to record, it may be perfectly OK for the ‘marketing’ agent to hand over the profile to the artist. It’s always the original owner that has to initiate the setting up of a delegate or the transfer of control, of course.

We have a very flexible profile system and even without a secure (and potentially complex) persona handover (think about transferring ownership of bank accounts as an analogy) there are workaround ways to represent the situation with only a little bit of duplication of profile information.

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@community here we go!

September 29 Meeting

@community Thanks all for coming :slight_smile:

No worries @brndnkng, we can continue next week :+1:

Playlist Competition


This is version 1 of the competition. Each cycle of the competition lasts for a calendar month.

What are we voting for

We can nominate any playlist, whether created by a human or machine. The playlist has to be two items or more.

How are playlists nominated

We create a new topic each cycle, people nominate playlists by replying to the topic with an embed, or link of the playlist. This nomination period lasts for 2 weeks.

How are playlists voted for

Nomination period ends, and poll is created in the OP of the competition topic with links all nominations in posts. Voting lasts for 2 weeks.

Communicating about competition

  1. Forum banner:
    • Announcement bar below header, above existing cards. Different background color, with a sentence:
    • Nominating period: “[November Featured Playlist Competition] Nominate a playlist to be featured on Resonate. Nominations close October 15.”
    • Voting period: “[November Featured Playlist Competition] Vote on playlists to be featured. Voting closes October 31.”
  2. Newsletter
  3. Note in player where playlist is featured

Website Community Embeds

Form factor

  • Card-style embed
  • User avatar
  • Excerpt from post


  • Topic from the music category
  • Topic from the co-op category
  • Topic from the platform category

Co-op page

  • Co-op category
  • A topic the co-op category’
  • A topic from the platform category

Stream to own

  • 1 topics from the music category (?)



  1. Add forum banner functionality: @angus will record video making changes
  2. Create the competition topic in #music: @boopboop
  3. @Hakanto will break out the website embeds into new topic in #platform:website, further specifying the changes. We will include them in the next development epic starting in October.
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If the desired technical characteristics of a future ‘selector account’ are similar to those of the artist role / account and permissions - ie the ability to create multiple personas, with their own playlists and rich story / pictorial content, it’s straightforward from a back-end perspective - we just add another ‘usergroup type’ and they share the artist-level Role permissions. As you say, what the player UI / forum does with it is a different matter.

The key thing is to make sure that the player is associating playlists, releases, profile pictures and uploaded tracks with a ‘profile’ (persona, usergroup) and not directly with a user. Hope that is true!

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@community here we go!

cc @richjensen

Community in Discover

Rather than using playlisting as the medium to feature the community in “Discover”, we’re proposing to include a curated list of tagged public posts from the #music category in the discover page of the player. This is in addition to all existing content on the discover page (nothing will be removed)

  • Post in #music is tagged by genre (either by poster or staff)
  • Post in #music is tagged by staff with featured tag (who will do the tagging)
  • Content (partially technical): Title, avatar and excerpt of tagged topic (tbd)
  • UX (partially technical): Add navigation button at the top (tbd)
  • UX (partially technical): Placement in page (tbd)

To do

  • @angus will canvas proposal
  • Write rules for curatorial tagging
  • Analytics of tags - using the Data Explorer plugin and Resonate API
  • @angus, @boopboop and @auggod will implement in the next epic before the renewal

Currently Being Listened To (Wave)

There was a proposal to including a playing now stream (combined stream based on current listens) in the discover section of the player:


Features we may want for playlisting. These will be discussed further as part of a a future epic:

  1. CRUD of playlist
    • Reordering tracks in playlist
    • Updating album art
  2. Better placement of play-listing in UX and navigation
    • Help text and pointers
    • Better nav
    • Better placement in the UX
  3. Featuring of playlists(?)

bread’s ready


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@community Just a note that the follow ups on our three areas of discussion are here

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:point_right:t3:@melis_tailored Check this out.

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@community here we go folks :slight_smile:

@community Thanks for a good meeting all!

Here’s what we discussed

Levels of Engagement

Community Class


peace good people @community

just giving word that i won’t be making our call tonight. though this is the case, i was able to have further thought on the Mapping Diversity and Inclusion within Resonate and responded to that thread which you can see here

hope the meeting goes well and i will be on the look out for notes as they make it here to the forum space

much appreciation


@community Here we go :slight_smile:

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@community Thanks all :slight_smile:


@boopboop, @Hakanto and @angus.

Levels of Engagement

We continued to discuss the levels of engagement

@Hakanto shared some thoughts on how levels of engagement fit in with money and responsibility across the cooperative.

Artist involvement

We’d like to fit artists into how we’re thinking about our levels of engagement. The first step in that is holding a regular artists forum, perhaps on a monthly basis, where artists can:

  • meet other Resonate artists;
  • find out what’s going on; and
  • have input in how Resonate is being run

@brndnkng We were thinking you’d be the right person to facilitate this new forum, with the help of one or two of our more engaged artists, such as @LLK or @KallieMarie. What do you think?

We’d need to reach out to Resonate artists directly, as many don’t participate in the forum currently. @Hakanto is preparing our artist member details in preparation for our upcoming AGM, so you might want to discuss with him about how to get a mailing list of resonate artists.

At this stage the artists forum would be a listening and discussion session with a broad scope. We want to find a realistic way for artists to be more engaged and inspired by Resonate and our plans

Implementing the Levels

We’re going to trial a few UX changes on the forum to start to implement the levels of engagement, starting with:

  • a sidebar to make it clearer how the structure of the categories and team groups work
  • use of the header for realtime CTAs, e.g. current proposals or upcoming events

Diversity and Inclusion Mapping

@brndnkng shared some good resources on social constructions of race. We’ll be discussing these and the diversity and inclusion survey in our next meeting


Happy to help. Keep me posted or message me directly @Angus if there’s a need for anything that I should have eyes on, help with as an artist. :slight_smile:


peace @community

i wanted to give the heads up about our call

meeting link click → Home Room

@angus informed me that he will not be able to make it for this call and asked if i could facilitate, which i’m down to do, if that’s cool with @community ?

the format/agenda for each meeting generally is:

  1. review and follow up from last week
  2. focus on one item
  3. setting up agenda for the coming week.

i’m thinking the one item we could focus on for this call is diversity and inclusion, unless there’s something else we feel may be more pressing to the crew that joins?

with this in mind, i’ve had time to think about the structure of this convo and have created a brief presentation… (incorporating feedback and suggestions from this thread

) that may be helpful in us thinking through some of these concepts.

thinking it could be cool to have a discussion around how people understand race and racialization working in different modes in different geographies. our technology can be a way for people to feel comfortable identifying as they feel, while also feeling secure enough to share that with other people.

hoping certain aspects of these discussion(s) could be scaled out to broader membership. as we learn as sharpen, and clarify our collective understanding(s).

sound good?

connect soon


Sounds great to me! Thanks for facilitating :pray:t4:

@brndnkng Thanks again for faciliating :slight_smile: Could you post the minutes here when you have the time?

@community As you guys know brandon is transitioning to Community Team lead, so he’ll be facilitating these meetings going forward. I’ll still be there! I just couldn’t make this one.