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@community here we go folks :slight_smile:

@community Thanks for a good meeting all!

Here’s what we discussed

Levels of Engagement

Community Class


peace good people @community

just giving word that i won’t be making our call tonight. though this is the case, i was able to have further thought on the Mapping Diversity and Inclusion within Resonate and responded to that thread which you can see here

hope the meeting goes well and i will be on the look out for notes as they make it here to the forum space

much appreciation


@community Here we go :slight_smile:

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@community Thanks all :slight_smile:


@boopboop, @Hakanto and @angus.

Levels of Engagement

We continued to discuss the levels of engagement

@Hakanto shared some thoughts on how levels of engagement fit in with money and responsibility across the cooperative.

Artist involvement

We’d like to fit artists into how we’re thinking about our levels of engagement. The first step in that is holding a regular artists forum, perhaps on a monthly basis, where artists can:

  • meet other Resonate artists;
  • find out what’s going on; and
  • have input in how Resonate is being run

@brndnkng We were thinking you’d be the right person to facilitate this new forum, with the help of one or two of our more engaged artists, such as @LLK or @KallieMarie. What do you think?

We’d need to reach out to Resonate artists directly, as many don’t participate in the forum currently. @Hakanto is preparing our artist member details in preparation for our upcoming AGM, so you might want to discuss with him about how to get a mailing list of resonate artists.

At this stage the artists forum would be a listening and discussion session with a broad scope. We want to find a realistic way for artists to be more engaged and inspired by Resonate and our plans

Implementing the Levels

We’re going to trial a few UX changes on the forum to start to implement the levels of engagement, starting with:

  • a sidebar to make it clearer how the structure of the categories and team groups work
  • use of the header for realtime CTAs, e.g. current proposals or upcoming events

Diversity and Inclusion Mapping

@brndnkng shared some good resources on social constructions of race. We’ll be discussing these and the diversity and inclusion survey in our next meeting


Happy to help. Keep me posted or message me directly @Angus if there’s a need for anything that I should have eyes on, help with as an artist. :slight_smile:


peace @community

i wanted to give the heads up about our call

meeting link click → Home Room

@angus informed me that he will not be able to make it for this call and asked if i could facilitate, which i’m down to do, if that’s cool with @community ?

the format/agenda for each meeting generally is:

  1. review and follow up from last week
  2. focus on one item
  3. setting up agenda for the coming week.

i’m thinking the one item we could focus on for this call is diversity and inclusion, unless there’s something else we feel may be more pressing to the crew that joins?

with this in mind, i’ve had time to think about the structure of this convo and have created a brief presentation… (incorporating feedback and suggestions from this thread

) that may be helpful in us thinking through some of these concepts.

thinking it could be cool to have a discussion around how people understand race and racialization working in different modes in different geographies. our technology can be a way for people to feel comfortable identifying as they feel, while also feeling secure enough to share that with other people.

hoping certain aspects of these discussion(s) could be scaled out to broader membership. as we learn as sharpen, and clarify our collective understanding(s).

sound good?

connect soon


Sounds great to me! Thanks for facilitating :pray:t4:

@brndnkng Thanks again for faciliating :slight_smile: Could you post the minutes here when you have the time?

@community As you guys know brandon is transitioning to Community Team lead, so he’ll be facilitating these meetings going forward. I’ll still be there! I just couldn’t make this one.


October 27

@community team meeting attendees included
@brndnkng @boopboop @Hakanto

the format/agenda

  1. review and follow up from last week
  2. focus on one item (focused on diversity and inclusion)
  3. setting up agenda for the coming week.

talked briefly about the Levels of Engagement but spent most of our time with a presentation by @brndnkng re: social construction of race and racialization.

presentation posed questions and focused on three definitions that we discussed/debated:

  • "Race " is the witchcraft of our time.
    M. F. Ashley Montagu - quoted from Racecraft: The Soul of Inequality in American Life by Barbara J. Fields and Karen Elise Fields
  • race [is] an unstable and ‘de-centered’ complex of social meanings constantly being transformed by political struggle"- Michael Omi and Howard Winant Racial formation in the United States
  • Racism, specifically, is the state-sanctioned or extralegal production and exploitation of group-differentiated vulnerability to premature death.”- Ruth Wilson Gilmore Golden Gulag

we also talked about “Terra Nullius” and Claire G. Goodman and indigenous erasure and lack of personhood which imposes a lack of access to the commons and predisposes the original inhabitants settler colonial violence.

we situated these concepts for ourselves, as three individuals, from three different geographies, attempting to work towards personal understandings, figuring out what these things mean for us collectively, in the context of our cooperative and global platform.

some themes that emerged included possibly using polis as a means to identify with a multidimensional set of personal characteristics to have a clearer sense of what identities exists within our community.

we discussed how race and racialization manifests differently in different geographies, which lead to a question about the dominant culture in resonate, and figuring out our positionally to that.

we talked global majority people who may be the majority where they are located being able to have power over others, but when they move to another geographies, their relationship to the local power structure may be drastically different.

discussed racialization in south florida that kind of turns u.s. understandings of race and racialization on it’s head. ex.

discussed the impermanence race and racialization, the creation of whiteness (recognizing it’s power to absorb cultures and dilute ethnic groups, and pit workers against one another) and the desire to de-center whiteness into the future (EuroAmerican maybe?). recognizing that these are inherited traits that have real consequences on our life chances.

  • “This ‘white race’ designation is a contrived super-nationality designed to inflate the social importance of European ethnics and to enlist them as tools in the Capitalist system of exploitation.“

    “The fight against white-skin privilege also requires the rejection of the vicious identification of North Americans as ‘white’ people, rather than as Welsh, German, Irish, etc. as their national origin.“

    – Lorenzo Kom’boa Ervin → found on Black Socialist in America’s Twitter page

in relationship to our platform, we thought of different things, along with the poll that could encourage inclusion within our cooperative

  • Player : have country/tags/how many plays. have a landing page focused on a specific genre and or regional pages that could support global majority artists reaching that threshold where they’re beginning to get paid for their streams after a certain amount of plays (proposed as a way to counter the algorithm when set on random primarily plays German Ambient music b/c of the volume we currently have on our player) ex. Disco Landing Page/Regional Landing Page or something like that

  • Caucuses within Resonate: Identity caucuses that are self-organized by members of resonate who would like to link up and figure out the things that make sense for them. (it’s not something that comes from the outside, but something that people know that there’s space for and labor isn’t primarily tied to these caucuses, but ideas could come from these spaces that could have broader effect on our cooperative)

→ Rojava was brought up as an example of a womyns revolution that’s transforming Kurdish society. womyn have parallel institutions that they run themselves.

we also discussed class and well as gender in tech, the lack of femme and womyn in development, what could be done to counter this and this book was also brought up as a resource

one of the main things brought up on this call was how awkward it can be to have these conversations especially with people you’ve never met before irl.

we expressed the importance of having a coop culture of openness and vulnerability. that things aren’t perfect, but these are the things we’re building towards and would like for you to assist us in this process. it can be scary to share, but we need your input.

i believe the main thing we’ve come to is a process around understanding and incorporating these concepts is starting with self, and working from there. the importance of documentation too so that we aren’t reinventing the wheel.

pls edit/include gaps that may exist as you see fit @hakanto y @boopboop

'preciate y’all :slight_smile:


Sounds like a really interesting discussion! I’m sorry I missed it. Will definitely be there next week.

I’m glad you spent most of the time on the social construction of race and racialization. I think it’s really important to think about how we can have a meaningful conversation about these topics while still achieving tangible outcomes for a working organisation. There needs to be substance behind our rhetoric.

This is true. I wonder how we can make it feel more normal.

@brndnkng Following up from our meeting yesterday, we need to add in two items to the community agenda

  • Internal artist engagement (perhaps the forum we discussed previously?)
  • moderator selection. I can run a training session(s) on forum moderation. Do you want a 1:1 first, or perhaps we just dive into asking who wants to be a moderator and setting up the session for who’s keen?
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I believe this is why it is necessary to set out a critical reading of world history and repair from harms in the co-op’s mission/manifesto. Norms are constructed. The general acceptance of mass extinction, patriarchy and genocide in the present is facilitated by the social norms and structures received from the recent past.

Among other things, the co-op is a venue for the practice of new norms and structures in pluralism, community and solidarity. These are not secondary concerns, but the natural and direct consequence of the co-op’s engagement with the practice of music, an ancient trans-historical, trans-gendered, trans-cultural social object.

Setting this part of the co-op’s project upfront in the Manifesto isn’t about claiming a superior moral high ground. It is about sending an explicit signal that this is part of the work being done here. This is our normal. Of course, people are welcome to work in other communities and with other tactics if this is not part of the work they are interested to take on.

Because of our normalization in disparate classes and communities, most of us don’t know where other communities are coming from or what our culpability may be in respect of their historical harms and how these are reflected in the present day. The skills required to hear communities out and consider adjusting our norms is similar to becoming fluent in a new language. It will be awkward and clumsy at the beginning. The degree to which this awkwardness is faced and worked through with others is the measure of growth in the capacities of the community of communities.

This is a vital aspect of member education that I’m pleased to see at the center of the Community Team’s mandate.

tl;dr - add latinoamericanxs to the list of terms

Some minor research on “latinx” …

note: I personally have never found this word to be offensive or w/e, it just has more of a ‘hello fellow kids’ feel. Anyway …

This group uses x in words like todxs, creadxs, etc marking them as the type to use alternative spellings so as not to default to todos y creados, but they only use “Latinx” when referring to campaigns that were originally in English but then translated for a Spanish-speaking audience ( Detox de Datos Latinx).

Notably they say “jóvenes de Latinoamérica” not “jóvenes latinx”.

Latinx is personally for me a very confusing term, since a French, Hatian, or Italian person would be “Latinx” to the pedantic, but it’s never used in that way. It always seems to be referring to first or second generation people who moved to the US from a Spanish-speaking country.

Just thinking this a bit more, I had a hunch that latinoamericanxs would be more grammatical than latinx in Spanish. It does seem to be more natural. (update) One thing latinoamericanxs does not do is refer to the immigrant experience. A first-gen Honduran immigrant to … idk, Idaho might not be latinoamericanxs. This person might have never been to outside of Idaho, and might not know anyone from LatAm aside from immediate family. In this case “Latinx” feels more appropriate than latinoamericanxs, though the individual might not prefer that particular word.

The discomfort w/ latinx might be in fact a part of the immigrant experience, since you know it doesn’t feel right in Spanish, so you can’t use it back in the homeland (since they’d call you a gringx), but in the US, your new home, that’s what you’ve been classified as, forever the other.

Spanish-speaking academics in an English-speaking context

Welcome to the Latin American Writers Institute (LAWI) of Hostos Community College, CUNY Bienvenidas/os al Instituto de Escritorxs Latinoamericanxs de Hostos Community College

  • fomentar el intercambio de ideas de la índole de género entre formuladores de políticas públicas latinoamericanxs y investigadorxs en la academia para que el conocimiento experto se comparta y ayude a avanzar el trabajo en ambos sectores; (this one is another case of using Latinx only after translating from English).

CALA envisions a cultural landscape that values the creative and artistic contributions of Latinxs and latinoamericanxs, and critically engages their stories in Arizona and throughout the Americas.
CALA Alliance (Celebración Artística de las Américas) es una asociación civil sin fines de lucro que organiza colaboraciones con artistas y gestores latinxs y latinoamericanxs para promover el intercambio cultural entre Arizona, México y América Latina.

Non-academic Spanish Speakers in a Spanish Speaking Context

“Maricoteca” se nombra a sí mismx como homenaje al refugio festivo en el que históricamente construimos nuestras formas diversas de vivir el género y la sexualidad. Somos una organización sin fines de lucro hecha por y para artistas, diseñadorxs y creadorxs de la cultura LGBTIQ+ latinoamericanxs.


Really appreciate this simple description of a complex feeling!

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can’t make it to this Nov 2 meeting @community

k it looks like it might just be @angus and i on this call. does it make sense to cancel n regroup next week?

figure we can follow up here w/ updates to prepare for our next meeting.


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Yeah, I can’t make it. Down to regroup

@brndnkng yes I think it’s a good idea to skip this one. Lot’s on at the moment!

I reckon it might be useful to use the OP as a place to store the current agenda of the team, reminding folks what’s going on. I’ll make it a wiki for that purpose (feel free to edit any of the existing text there).