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Really appreciate this simple description of a complex feeling!

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can’t make it to this Nov 2 meeting @community

k it looks like it might just be @angus and i on this call. does it make sense to cancel n regroup next week?

figure we can follow up here w/ updates to prepare for our next meeting.


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Yeah, I can’t make it. Down to regroup

@brndnkng yes I think it’s a good idea to skip this one. Lot’s on at the moment!

I reckon it might be useful to use the OP as a place to store the current agenda of the team, reminding folks what’s going on. I’ll make it a wiki for that purpose (feel free to edit any of the existing text there).


peace @community

just giving word that we won’t be having a call later today/tonight.

i wanted to send a post to clarify where we’re at currently in terms of conversations and operational steps that may be able to happen asynchronously.

one thing we’ve been discussing is how to incorporate repair in our conversations re: systems of oppression. along with sharpening our perspective(s) and working towards shared definitions/understanding of social constructs, we’ve also have been mindful of figuring out how to operationalize these understandings into the Dev-Epics and the development of our player and cooperative culture.

i recap of things i’ve been aware of that have been spoken about here that it may make sense to follow up on. i think it’d be a good idea to prioritize which items in order of which is the most immediate to least.

  • Measuring Diversity in Plays - Measuring Diversity in Plays
    @boopboop created this twitter bot to measure plays on our player, i believe with the goal of having a sense/pulse of what’s currently playing on our player.

    on our last call we discussed shifting the “random play” algorithm to not reflect what’s currently the majority style music on the player (German Ambient/Electronic), to categories that support global majority artists from dispossessed (for lack of a better word(s)) communities.

    example: “Carimbo” category. music from Black and Indigenous (non - mutually exclusive) music from northern Brazil, Pará, Marajó, a region i’ve visited my first month in Brazil. Carimbó - Wikipedia . it’d be to have a feature or boost on the first page for artists that come from similar communities who may be struggling to preserve their culture and protect their land. (i’m not currently aware of any artists currently on our player from this region, but i’d definitely would be interested in making these connections)

  • Polis - poll of Resonate Membership - discussed creating a poll or survey for membership to fill out to have a sense of the composition of the current membership. we need to finalize a survey or poll with categories we all can live with. i think we’re aligned in this process being super challenging for an international platform when peoples and race is constructed differently in various geographies. i believe we said we’d add a disclaimer stating such. Mapping Diversity and Inclusion w/n Resonate Coop Membership

  • Where’s the App? conversation that happened with @boopboop, @richjensen and i on our last Retrospective call that i feel makes sense to add to this space and possibly have as an idea to incorporate into our planning moving forward. beginning/continuing the conversation on a mobile app prototype for our player. Readme-to-forum pipeline

this is what i have thus far, feel free to fill in any gaps and/or respond with your prioritization order.

i won’t be available next week either so please feel free to discuss steps moving forward on this thread


peace @community

just giving a reminder that we will be reconvening our community team meeting later today


Most of what we’ll be focusing on is how are team will be relating to our Renewal process that’s coming up and additional changes to our forum space which affects our current community composition.

the primary areas of discussion are:

  • opening up the community forum space to non-members which areas will be all accessible and which will be closed for membership.
  • making it clear who the point people are for sub-areas in to forum for people to easily access if they have questions or would like to join a restricted area/member-based area
  • forum moderation (utilizing categories that already exist w/n discourse, (esp connected to music) and making sure those pages are moderated and generative conversations/activity are happening w/n those space(s)

here’s a link to follow to review where we are at currently with the convo around opening up the forum space

feel free to add additional questions or feedback. in terms of the other stuff listed above, i figure it makes the most sense for us to have clarity on these points and we can circle back on the other aspect around diversity and repair if that works for folks?

@angus def feel free to shoot across a meeting link when it makes the most sense for you

see y’all soon


Thanks @brndnkng, @community here’s a link

I’ll be there in ten or so

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@community Ok the new sidebar is deployed!

Note that if you have open windows with the community in it you’ll need to refresh to see the update. I haven’t added the tag cloud as that widget has issues with this layout configuration (I’ll follow up with Keegan, the author).

Also, I’ve setup the Platform category header along the lines we discussed. Anything we want to add to that?

@brndnkng do you want to do the reporting back to the exec team about what’s going on here?


Sidebar… does it mean we lose space on mobile devices?

…that screenshot on android.

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Thanks for the report :+1: was actually a change in discourse that hadn’t been picked up before as no one had updated to the very latest code with this plugin yet! It’s fixed now though.


Oh I’m liking the new sidebar thingy on desktop at least, it’s typically the sort of thing I wouldn’t appreciate on a more generic “theme oriented” forum, but it’s great on here where I feel like any sort of organisational feature that makes it feel more “like a commonly shared website” is definitely welcome to help people get a sense of the various ways they can interract with this forum (ie. this place is not just for talking, it’s also for working / proposing and making decisions)


Really loving this new setup so far! Really clear and friendly, and seemingly endless possibilities to work with. Awesome work everyone!


peace @community

Last meeting we focused on what areas within our forum that we could improve upon before we make our community forum space public/open to non-members

some of the things agreed upon was the creation of a side-bar (thank you @angus for implementing this change so swiftly!) but also a Platform Category Header that is helpful in terms of people understanding who the leads are of certain aspects of our work, so knowing who’s shoulder to tap if they have questions or want to get involved.

this upcoming meeting we will review the current changes made to the forum and pick up where we left off in terms of convos re: diversity/repair

if anyone has anything else to add/bring forward for us to discuss, please feel free!


i have some family stuff today :expressionless: that might go over so I may miss the meeting

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@community Hey y’all, here’s a room for our meeting

peace @community

just giving word about our call coming up in a couple hours. we’ll stick to the same agenda from last week which can be seen here:

see y’all soon


If we have time today I’d like us to finalize the changes that need to happen to make the forum public. Especially getting the Handbook available publicly will make staff work easier


stuck at work, thought i was going to make it

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