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Nvm, I’ll be there!

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Here’s a room to meet up

@community team meeting notes 12/14/2021

  • created workers “Lab” in the community forum space
    • needs to be clear where energy goes from worker lab
    • still working out support structure and description
    • space can potentially influence direction of coop… but explicit about how to incorporate ideas from this body into the workflow/epics.


  • project = epic small set of tasks with clear function that makes something new or change things

  • project— collection of tasks with clear goal (1 or 2 months) process where people where designing and pitching projects together in an assembly ((ruminating ideas*))
    board and exec team can hear request from people. want to plug resonate into for example…

  • platform priority? (have mini-grants for people to develop projects for platform)

vs. maintenance (which is ongoing infrastructure/administrative/operational)

  • 2 or 3 moderators needed: training session… onboarding… ideally outside of the current staff we have now**

    key targets… enthusiastic about resonate not currently work. making process around educator/moderator… application period. month of training.

process: make forum publicly readable however account creation happens the same way it happens currently. apply for account and get approved.

tasks: people have to reach out manually to create account on forum. propose in discourse… people can sign up on discourse but it needs to be approved. (get moderators to approve)


  1. make all existing users of forum be in member groups
  2. verify membership
  3. artists/music makers/listener-members/founder members → make sure accounts match up with member register. allows people to do voting in AGM
  4. lab category… make changes and go public
    • say to melissa it’s public send a link in the forum*

worker meeting monthly… meets the threshold or doesn’t meet threshold. (deciding about membership) Angus recommendation* (similar to the community assemblies Hakanto was holding)**

quarterly meeting about worker membership meeting 4 times a year.

have people share what they’ve done over a 3 month period… see how it meets the threshold or not. review process too.

@community team agenda 12/20/2021

  • Review Current Changes to Community Forum
  • Offer Updates/Recommendations
  • Calendar

i don’t hope to keep us long. my goal is for us to align on how we’re feeling about edits to the forum going into the AGM and making the forum space public. i also think it makes sense to cancel next week’s meeting and regroup in the new year.



That sounds good to me. I’m in the home room

@community team agenda 01/04/2021

  • AGM Report Back/Reflections
  • Community Team Charter
  • Welcome Guide/Discuss Orientation Process
  • Community Team Support (create systems for intern/volunteer intake - clearly define objective/roles needed (forum moderation, uploading etc)/responsibilities taken on in a proposal for melissa (who has access to have paid interns (not by us!) support our development.

i’d like for us to have this discussion the context of where we are currently and in the coming months, developing systems that easily onboard new people into our community. i’m optimistically anticipating an influx in members due to our focus and intention in these coming months, and want to provide the most welcoming space possible, w/n my/our power

Tuesday January 4th 2022 2022-01-05T01:00:00Z2022-01-05T02:30:00Z

meeting link below

looking forward to connecting in a few


peace @community team

below is a proposed agenda for tomorrow’s meeting

community team agenda 01/11/2022

i feel like these items are more than enough to chew on. if anyone else had additional agenda items, please feel free to add

see you 2022-01-12T01:00:00Z2022-01-12T02:30:00Z

meeting link below

speak soon


Thank you for laying out the agenda. Would you like me to attend this coming meeting, or should I just keep an eye out for any notes that come from the meeting?


These are open meetings right? Let’s build community!


yes @Sam_Martyn meetings are open!

see you soon, hopefully :crossed_fingers:t5:

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peace @community team,

below is a preposed agenda for tonight’s meeting.
pls feel free to add items if you’d like

Tuesday January 18th 2022 2022-01-19T01:00:00Z2022-01-19T02:30:00Z

meeting link below

speak soon

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Ecosystem developer guide could be removed from the agenda. It’s been published in the Handbook, so that work is done.

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noted, thanks @Hakanto!


peace @community
i wanted to add an agenda for tomorrow’s meeting. definitely reply if you have any additional items or suggestions…

community team meeting agenda 01/25/2022

not sure how far we’ll make it on these items, but definitely believe it’s plenty to chew on

Tuesday January 25th 2022 2022-01-26T01:00:00Z2022-01-26T02:30:00Z

speak soon

peace @community. last meeting we were supposed to have we canceled b/c it was only 2 of us on the call. the agenda items from the 25th of January we can still discuss. below i have a loose agenda with items i feel should be prioritized. if you have any additional agenda items, please feel free to reply below


Community Team Meeting



  • Configuration of Community Team (Short Team Objectives)
  • Social Media / Communications Support
  • Fundraising / Crowdfunding Support
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peace @community

meeting happening rn… apologies for not posting an announcement here

peace @community,

i wanted to add tomorrow’s meeting information here for those who can make it.

10am - 12 Noon ESTbi-weekly starting this week Tomorrow 10:00 AM → Tomorrow 12:00 PM

@KallieMarie @LLK @CritCity @piper @richjensen @Sam_Martyn @Hakanto @Nick_M @sganesh @boopboop

Agenda Items

  • Configuration of Community Team (Short Team Objectives)
  • Social Media / Communications Support
  • Fundraising / Crowdfunding Support

i’m figuring we could draw items from the forum to build out and work on further, prioritizing order of tasks based on our cooperative needs. if anyone has additional agenda items, please do not hesitate to reply to this message

great meeting today… really nice meeting you @CritCity, welcome!

below you’ll find the notes from our meeting today

Community Team Meeting Notes 02/17/2022
meeting attendees: @brndnkng @CritCity @piper

  • @brndnkng gave overview of Community Team and purpose
  • discussed current priorities (fundraising/ways to plug in/ways to amplify our campaign. discussed membership drive being primary b/c it’s looking like we’re not reaching our goal via Open Collective at the moment
  • discussed need to recruit another Dev/Platform Lead before the end this month (@brndnkng will follow up and share out once we have the announcement ready)
  • mobile app: @piper shared a brilliant idea around developing an app from our streaming website/where it’s identical to the beta but people can download it on their phones. he’ll follow up on the proposals and ecosystem threads

Thank you @brndnkng . It Great meeting you and @piper ! Looking forward to the next one.


Looks like we may need to update the original post with the new meeting times. I’m still seeing the old meeting time on my calendar, for scheduled for about two hours from now.

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Oh wait so there’s nothing?? Damn I organized my day to fit this meeting… It seems like I’ll just never see this one !

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