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@community Ok the new sidebar is deployed!

Note that if you have open windows with the community in it you’ll need to refresh to see the update. I haven’t added the tag cloud as that widget has issues with this layout configuration (I’ll follow up with Keegan, the author).

Also, I’ve setup the Platform category header along the lines we discussed. Anything we want to add to that?

@brndnkng do you want to do the reporting back to the exec team about what’s going on here?


Sidebar… does it mean we lose space on mobile devices?

…that screenshot on android.

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Thanks for the report :+1: was actually a change in discourse that hadn’t been picked up before as no one had updated to the very latest code with this plugin yet! It’s fixed now though.


Oh I’m liking the new sidebar thingy on desktop at least, it’s typically the sort of thing I wouldn’t appreciate on a more generic “theme oriented” forum, but it’s great on here where I feel like any sort of organisational feature that makes it feel more “like a commonly shared website” is definitely welcome to help people get a sense of the various ways they can interract with this forum (ie. this place is not just for talking, it’s also for working / proposing and making decisions)


Really loving this new setup so far! Really clear and friendly, and seemingly endless possibilities to work with. Awesome work everyone!


peace @community

Last meeting we focused on what areas within our forum that we could improve upon before we make our community forum space public/open to non-members

some of the things agreed upon was the creation of a side-bar (thank you @angus for implementing this change so swiftly!) but also a Platform Category Header that is helpful in terms of people understanding who the leads are of certain aspects of our work, so knowing who’s shoulder to tap if they have questions or want to get involved.

this upcoming meeting we will review the current changes made to the forum and pick up where we left off in terms of convos re: diversity/repair

if anyone has anything else to add/bring forward for us to discuss, please feel free!


i have some family stuff today :expressionless: that might go over so I may miss the meeting

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@community Hey y’all, here’s a room for our meeting

peace @community

just giving word about our call coming up in a couple hours. we’ll stick to the same agenda from last week which can be seen here:

see y’all soon


If we have time today I’d like us to finalize the changes that need to happen to make the forum public. Especially getting the Handbook available publicly will make staff work easier


stuck at work, thought i was going to make it

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@community here’s a room for our meeting

Good meeting everyone! I slapped together a new version of that emoji :slight_smile: You can see it in the sidebar now.



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@community Where are we at on opening this forum to the public along the lines agreed here?

Note that I published a global notice about this on November 25.

If the community team gives me the go-ahead I’ll do it straight away.

This will make it possible to publish #workers:opportunities.

@community Just a heads up that the AGM agenda including resolutions will be going out about 2021-12-15T00:00:00Z. Draft is coming together here: let me or an admin know if you desire access:

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thanks for the heads-up @richjensen

@community below is a preposed agenda for tomorrow’s meeting.

Tuesday December 14th 2021-12-15T01:00:00Z2021-12-15T02:30:00Z

  • Community Forum Preparation - Review current changes, offer edits. (brandon)
    • Timeline for when to make public (Angus report back from convo w/ Augustin about when would be good for a soft launch before renewal)
  • AGM support and potential collab with governance team (overlapping areas of interests, be nice to see what makes sense for us leading into this upcoming AGM) (brandon/Hakanto)
  • Executive Team report back (overlapping information that would be helpful for this team to be aware of, i.e. strategy/visioning session, b/c it affects the work/scale/scope/focus of this team) (brandon)

def lmk if i’m missing anything.

also too, the executive team is developing a process for us to collectively contribute to our cooperative roadmap. i’m hoping that we can discuss and further clarify the objective/roles for this team.

looking forward to connecting with y’all in a few… meeting link forthcoming


Heads up, there is a possibility I won’t be able to make it to this call. I very much hope I can, because what’s being covered ties into so much of what I’m interested in and help with. If we need to coordinate or answer any of these questions async or via text, I will!

Nvm, I’ll be there!

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Here’s a room to meet up