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Yeah I really feel we need a better system for schedules and calendars this is causing way too many problems and complexities which I feel we struggle with and always have to keep an eye out for which hads a lot of human maintenance.

And also this matters a lot because the time of the community members is precious and valuable, obviously.

peace @community team, @KallieMarie & @LLK,

i apologize for the mix-up regarding these meetings. i did in fact edit the meeting times and have given multiple notices that they’ll be happening bi-weekly starting from last week’s meeting.

i’m not sure why it sent a notification for today. i’m also not a discourse wiz either and am doing the best i can. i apologize if you shifted your time to make it for this meeting.

i’ve changed the current meeting day/time in the calendar to reflect that we’ll be meeting next week 2022-03-03T15:00:00Z2022-03-03T16:00:00Z

i appreciate your patience in the schedule shift to something that’s more manageable for me :pray:t5:


I’ve closed this topic and invite folks to head over to the new meeting topic that @brndnkng has set up.

Tricky thing about old, long topics like this is folks have to wade through a lot of out-of-date info to get to the current picture.

Because this old topic was set up by Angus and he’s an admin, it seems to have also created some issues for brandon I wasn’t aware of – not able to edit things he should be able to edit, etc. The new topic will make it easier for everyone.

This old topic will stay available for folks to compile notes from. When those notes are done, Iet me know and I’ll hide this topic.

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