Consistency in icons and navigation across player and forum

Now with the existence of Minimal Stream Phone App I’m noticing some opportunities for improvement.

tldr: add link to player in both the navigation menus on the forum

Here if I want to go “back” to home page player, I can tap the logo.

I tap “join the conversation” and find myself in the forum.

I’m on the forum now. I can click around. But how do I get back to the player?? There’s the jukebox icon but it’s not clear to me that it’s the player.

In the navigation, there’s nothing called “player” or w/e

Nothing on the calendar page either, and now the navigation is on the top right.

This navigation doesn’t have the player either.

Not related but worth bringing up, if I click a link in a post on the forum from this app, I end up trapped?


Messing around with this :v:

I’m new to this, but it looks like we can upload whatever images we want and use those, we can use emojis, or we can use Font Awesome icons. I finally found where the settings are for this inside Discourse (been searching for some time).

Based upon this post, it seems that – by default – we can use Font Awesome 5.5.0 (the free version).

By using the code “far-calendar” I was able to add that Font Awesome icon to the bottom mobile menu.

However, I tried “fa-speaker” and related for other v5 free icons and they haven’t appeared. Unsure why.

Until we get that figured out, I added emoji buttons at the bottom on mobile which correspond to text links in the top bar. The text links disappear on mobile. Glad I know more about this now; we can have more links than before.

For mobile, replaced the hamburger menu which would open categories with a file folder icon for now. It’s at least a little clearer than having two hamburger menus, I hope.

I also made it so “Player Calendar Handbook” stays visible when viewing a topic on desktop. Previously they would disappear.

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