Content delivery network for images/artwork

@auggod: “Content delivery network (CDN), we could continue hosting artworks on backblaze and enable cloudflare for content delivery. We would need to buy a new domain name we would use only for our cdn.”

related - optimise/reprocess profile images

@auggod: "Saving a few mb of bandwidth might be possible, especially when browsing artists and labels. Images have been saved to the best quality setting (100) when resized with wordpress ultimatemember. In certain cases, the resized image ends up heavier than the original one.

Ideally, we should reprocess all profile images to both webp and mozjpeg.
Also, we could serve the files directly from a backblaze bucket (similar to amazon s3) and setup cloudflare to act as cdn. Buying a new domain name just for this is required because we won’t be able to setup cloudflare on a single subdomain."