Resonate’s Verifiable Credentials work for cooperation among co-ops (aka Community Credentials) has spun off into further research as ‘CoopCreds’, an eSSIF-lab funded consortium with Pavilion and FairBnB cooperative. Check out the intercooperative community that is coming together there around tools that should help Resonate and other co-ops share resources and build trust across the co-op ecosystem.

CoopCreds on github.

There is a CoopCreds Community call scheduled for 2022-01-21T14:00:00Z . Check in the CoopCreds forum to RSVP and find more details.

Just curious, is this something that has the potential to be income-generating in the future? Not in a rentier kind of way, but something of value to others that might provide value in return? Not that it needs to be, but it’s interesting to think how things can spin off and help fund the original project etc.

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