Coops partnerships

Resonate is looking for partnerships with other engaged coops around the world.
As one of the French guy of the Resonate community, I have recently contacted the following french cooperatives to start the discussion:

  • Les Oiseaux de Passage, a travel platform coop
  • CoopCycle, the European federation of bike delivery coops
  • CommownFR, a cooperative for a more responsible electronics — they are working with Fairphone, which would be another excellent potential partner.

I’ve got quick answers from 2 of them (I just send them the link to join the forum):

  • @mex from CoopCycle, who is “very honored by this proposal, because Resonate was a big source of inspiration for CoopCycle”. They already met @peter at Open Coop 2017 in London.
  • Clément and Prosper from Les Oiseaux de Passage, who “fully join this strategy of alliance between cooperatives to give us all more visibility but also to initiate partnerships if we identify a relevant sector of activity.”

So here is the next steps:

  • find and contact other cooperatives who might be interested in becoming potential partners in other countries
  • discuss and imagine together what kind of meaningful partnerships can be created between us: mutual promotion, sponsorship, commissions for all new coop members, events, costs / skills / infrastructures sharing, etc.

Obviously, everyone is welcome to join the discussion.
Any idea?


This is fantastic Tim, not just for the opportunity, but also the idea of getting community collaboration going!


Hi. Alex from CoopCycle here.
My mate Kevin should come here too.

Thanks for the invitation! I was not lying about Resonate being a great source of inspiration, look, we were already speaking about you on one of the very first versions of our website, 2 years ago! :slightly_smiling_face:

If you want to have more platform co-ops from France, here are at least 2 (on carpooling)


Welcome @mex, very happy to have you here :slightly_smiling_face:

Do you have any contact with people at MobiCoop or Ridygo?
It would be awesome if they could join the discussion.

Concerning the partnership opportunities between CoopCycle and Resonate, do you have any idea in mind? One of the simplest one could be a basic mutual promotion on our respective websites, but maybe there is more interesting options to consider :thinking:


For the kind of partnerships we could have, I really don’t know, and there’s no easy answer.

We are involved into Plateformes en Communs which is, let’s say, the french version of If you are in Paris @Timothee, maybe it would be cool to come to one of the next meetups. There is one every 1-2 months I think.

Plateformes en Communs is precisely about that, start by putting everybody together to see what kind of synergy can emerge. But so far, not that much has emerged. I mean, lots of things are at discussion level. But, at least, everybody is connected, which is a good starting point :slightly_smiling_face:

Of course, as a developer, I would love to discuss about how/what we can share on the technology side. Like, sharing identity, authentication, for example.

For some services, it could be interesting of course to suggest other platforms. For example, “you used service X, you may be interested in service Y”. But I don’t have a good example right now.
And, this is pretty obvious, this is already what exists.


For Ridygo, you can contact Arnaud Delcasse
For Mobicoop, Bastien Sibille.
We recently had pretty much the same discussion with Bastien/Mobicoop about a partnership. Still at early stage however.


Thank you @mex for your answer, and sorry for the delay of mine :bowing_man:

As you noticed, I joined Plateformes en Communs’s Slack and connected with Boris, but we didn’t have a call yet. I quickly looked at the report of their last meeting, it’s interesting, but it’s more about technical coop governance and accounting stuff than partnerships.
As you suggest, I will try to setup a meeting in September with Arnaud Delcasse, Bastien Sibille and some of the other Paris based people involved in this network and see what can emerge from this.

Concerning the technology side you mentioned, Resonate is open source, so you can have a look to the stream2own repo on Github. And if you want to discuss more deeply with our developers, say hi to @marie & @auggod :woman_technologist::man_technologist:


Hi there.

Sorry for coming back here a month later, I’m speaking to people in almost 20 different medium :grinning:

Cool for Plateformes en Commun. Tell me when you organize a meeting in Paris, I’ll come!

Hi @marie & @auggod :wave:
We’re open source too →
But this doesn’t help that much having contributors, we’re struggling to find & keep them.

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Thanks for coming through again @mex. Feel you on the many many comms. Personally feeling faith in this one but not rushing. It’s a lifeform and as such needs to learn to crawl before it can walk can run can fly can be its dream, etc.

Anyway, cool to share.