Copyright, Musicians, New Legislation, and Cosynd

Hi folks,
I know not everyone here is based in the same country, but US Copyright law is rapidly changing and with the uptick in NFTs, and NFT scams I have been talking to a company called Cosynd. (COSYND who help artists batch copyright their works, as well as provide contracts if people need templates for things like split sheets and recording agreements. I am probably not selling it right, and have no affiliation with this company, but after having a call with them for about an hour the other week I felt that this was important intel to bring back to the camp. They have an advocacy contact/person who would be willing to give a talk to talk about what they help artists do, and I think even globally theres an impact in how this interacts with streaming, and artists collaborating across the globe. Additionally they made me aware of the fact that US Congress updated some laws about copyright just at the height of the pandemic in 2020, which sort of slid under the radar, making it harder to get compensation if your works have been infringed on, if you haven’t properly filed copyright.
With all that said, I didn’t know how to get this info over to folks here, and would be happy to put their person in contact with some one here to create an event for anyone here would like to learn more about this curucial issue, and their services. It might be a great partnership to form going forward. If there is an interest I dont know how to go about it, but I can put the appropriate person/persons on an email to set up the potential for some sort of meeting or event for our community, if thats wanted.

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