Cover Art in Twitter

If the image isn’t clear… cover art isn’t appearing in twitter cards when in stream view. Maybe missing some particular og:image metatag for thumbnails?

Strange thing is that the art DOES appear when looking at the individual tweet.

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@peter With holiday an answer might becoming after the new year.

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Cool, and if there’s a better place to post these things let me know! :slight_smile:

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hey the stream thing got deployed! No idea. These are posted by zapier so I don’t paste in the URL and wait for the system to fetch the stream card.

They come out totally black on mastodon which was unexpected

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related [embed] ${user.nicename} not showing on playlist embed · Issue #105 · resonatecoop/stream · GitHub

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@piper Maybe one of these would be a good place to start?

new gh task: pretty social unfurl for artist, label, trackgroup · Issue #129 · resonatecoop/stream · GitHub

  • share artist detail
  • share trackgroup detal
  • share label

not to get too far off roadmap, but rather as small quality of life improvements?


I’ve got an initial pull request up to address the Twitter pretty social unfurl viewable here: stream!130.

I wasn’t entirely sure what a ‘trackgroup’ was, though. I was guessing the term may be interchangeable with a release? Feel free to point me in the right direction if this assumption is off.

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Just bumping this for attention. Seems inconsistent.

Some playlinks get a nice twitter card, some don’t.

This one is not working:

This one is: