Cravune - Vicaria (2018)

Hi all, I’ve decided to pick one track out of my catalog and upload it here on Resonate to see if I can connect with other artists interested in ambient experiments, sound art, field recording and unusual approaches to music making. I’m planning to upload all my releases and more in these coming months, so feedback is always welcome.

Vicaria is from last year’s tape “Figures” (Detriti Records, Berlin)
You can listen to it here.
The track was recorded back in 2017 in my hometown Naples, Italy, and is based on sounds and noises captured in one of my most cherished neighborhoods. All sounds have been remodeled to create a dub-like pattern.
As for the artwork, it’s from a series a photographs by Caimi/Piccinni called Forcella, used by permission.

More info and contacts are on my profile, don’t hesitate to reach out, send me a message, follow, give advice or ask me anything - I’m always open to collaborations.



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Thanks for coming through. I dig the ‘fieldness’ of the track you posted and general care that is apparent in your approach.

I wish you luck connecting with folks here. The Forum is definitely an activation-in-progress. Looking forward to having all members connected to the forum, at least initially, by the first of the year.

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Thank you @richjensen! Your feedback means a lot :slight_smile:

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Your being here means a lot. Thank you!