Create User-group Profile

As a user, I want to be able to create a new user group I’ll be the owner of (either right after sign up/welcome page or from 9. Account Settings):

0.3 - Assign a user group type: artist, label or neither | Figma (file missing)

0.4 - Fill out basic info: display name, short bio, profile picture, header image, location, links | Figma (file missing)

0.5.1 - As a label user group, I want to add artists | Figma (file missing)

0.5.2 - As an artist user group, I want to add music genres, members (with role and display name Design added - AlexC), incoming payment methods (rather bank account details EU, Stripe account details outside EU, (need more details regarding payments), recommended artists | Figma (file missing)

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An usergroup name needs to be unique; currently two profiles on Resonate could not have the same name.

There are no character restrictions on what a usergroup name can be.


Since two profiles on Resonate could not have the same name, does this mean that a listener could create a listener profile with an artist’s name and the artist then couldn’t use that name?

The usergroup name is also their profile page name?

When migrating our existing profiles from wordpress, what happens to usernames and profile page names?

hey @Hakanto trying to track down the designs I’d seen years ago. Curious why most of those are listed as “file missing”? Were those lost or deleted or just never completed? I thought I’d seen complete processes for adding artists/members of groups at some point. Or maybe misremembering?

I don’t know why I noted the files as missing. I made the note a year ago and don’t remember the context.

Processes for user group management would have been built into the new ID server. I suggest testing the new site to see to what extent these features are built.


thanks H :star:!

any particular folks that have been working in profiles + personas? Think I remember the (legendary) Timothée was around at some point in the last year or so?


Links in here?

And also some links in this (now slightly out of date) doc…

And more on the history of the user API development, including discussion of previous teams’ work. See here in Resonate’s team room at Pavilion