Cryptpad seems like an excellent, secure alternative to the Google universe.

I’d like to suggest we share a Resonate work team.

I’ve heard @sganesh @brndnkng and (I believe) @Hakanto all speak favorably of their experiences with this service. Does this mean there are already some sharing teams set up?

If so, may I join? If not, want me to offer one?

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Yes! Let’s try it out! I have no experience with it myself. Interested in @sganesh and @brndnkng 's thoughts.

@Nick_M – is Cryptpad something we could host on our own servers? Whatever we choose, that’s essential for GDPR right?

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Not sure what other alternatives there are that have similar functionality. I’ve used Nextcloud but do not find the office tools that are included to be very dependable.

Here’s a link to my profile. I think this is how other users can connect with my account and share documents.

Also, here is a link to a simple test document. Say Hi, try it out!

Personal accounts are free and come with 1 GB of storage.

a 5 eu / mo single user upgrade account has 5 GB storage.

Among other team and organizational options, it looks like we could host an instance, price not listed.

It is a free and opensource product though, with source code on github.

Here is the guide for setting up a production instance.

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In terms of usability, Cryptpad seems pretty viable — it’s definitely clunkier than Google, and in terms of external documents there might be some confusion for those we work with who aren’t familiar. But I do think the benefits as you all have mentioned outweigh the pretty small caveats!

Will make note that I’ve only really experimented with it for document production — think there needs to be a pretty in depth review of its sheets capabilities, esp if there are significant differences from excel