Dark mode when using the forum

Folks have been requesting dark mode. Not sure if I got the settings set up just right, but you should now be able to get dark mode going by hitting this switch under Interface in your user Preferences, saving the change, and then refreshing your browser.

Sub out “USERNAME” for your own in this link for a shortcut:


I believe the setting responds to your device’s dark mode setting, so you may need to change your device to dark mode in order for it to kick in. Ideally, we’d have a manual switch as well, but this is a start!

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The greatest of all updates, thank you Hakanto!


@LLK wow dark mode is so much better – forgot how much I missed it :crescent_moon:

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Yes ! It really works great on discourse.

Btw I have a problem I don’t know if it’s my computer or how Dark Mode is implemented so far but it only seems to work on mobile, and on my desktop computer it’s still light mode no matter how I set it up in parameters.

I tried clearing the cache/cookies etc. but that’s not it since it does it on all browsers.

Anyone else having a similar issue?

This control:

APPLE - > System Preferences → General → Appearance

Worked for me…

Ah I think I understood what’s going on, instead of just switching back on the option to choose a “theme” which looks like this >>

@Hakanto only added back the option to have dark them be automatic when and only when your computer and/or browser is set for dark modes automatically. So for example, my Opera Browser is automatically set that way so it displays fine but Chrome isn’t so it keeps displaying in light mode.

Could you also add the theme switching dropdown menu @Hakanto ?

Yeah, that’s the issue. Not sure how to create a manual toggle switch – I’ll keep workin’ on it! I know @angus would know what to do

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Also, since we’re talking forum design, bringing this back because we still don’t have a Dark Mode toggle and this means I can’t use the forum on certain browsers, I don’t think it’s a super complex feature to add (since it’s already there under the “automatic dark mode” version) but it’s a super useful one.


To tide you over in the meantime (and you may already be aware of this), @LLK, Dark Reader for Chrome works pretty well. They also have the addon for Firefox as well, though I’m not sure about other browsers.

Yeah it’s what I use but I like the native discourse theme much better sadly and I’m used to having it on every other discourse forum I’m on which is why I was frustrated. Also frustrating is the fact there’s nothing to do in terms of “theme” it’s already there (proof is I’m replying to you in Dark Mode because it works on smartphones) it’s just a matter of activating the option to switch it on/off manually and not having it switch on/off when it sees autodarkmode activated on the device!

But I know manpower and devtime is precious so I deal with it it’s ok, I use browsers where it works, just I think it’s a feature people will want sooner rather than later!

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You can now toggle dark mode on/off by selecting Dark under Color Scheme.

This setting can be found under Interface in your User Preferences.

Note: this is distinct from the Dark Mode option just beneath, which lets you tell the forum to follow your system default.

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